Bat removal techniques for first-time homeowners

It goes without mentioning that even the most ardent Batman fan doesn’t want to see these flying pests inside their property. Although it is true that bats can help the environment by eating up other harmful insects, they are still not welcome indoors. If there is a colony of bats that has already infested your backyard or your house, you immediately need to take action before they severely damage the health of your family.

Exterminating bats with the help of pesticides is considered illegal in the United States of America. This is why you might need to seek the help of a professional company like Gaithersburg Bat Removal Company in order to eliminate bats forever. keep reading to know more about bat removal techniques.

Timing is the most important in case of bat removal

As far as exterminating bats is concerned, timing plays a very important role. you need to know the fact that female bats can reproduce and deliver one pup in a season during the time of May to August. Therefore if you want to prevent trapping any young bat, the process of extermination has to be conducted before the young ones are born, that is during spring, or after the young bats have become able to fly, that is during early fall.

Recognize and Seal the entry points

Regardless of the number of bats that are already roosting inside your house, there will be several others that are still eager to enter your house through a few specific entry points. As soon as you are capable of identifying the primary entrance of bats, you should immediately install one-way doors in order to prevent their re-entry. It is highly necessary to seal the entry points for getting rid of bats.

Clean and inspect affected areas

The pest control department will require protection from potential diseases, dust, and insulation fibers in your attack. If they have to clean and destroy the infestations of bats, the professionals often have to wear the right gear like goggles, booties, gloves, and HEPA masks. If they think that your insulation is not up to the mark, they might use a high-power vacuum to quickly dispose of loose-fil insulation. Their goal is to thoroughly clean all habitats of bats.

So, if you find your house to be infested with bats, take immediate action by getting in touch with professional pest control companies. They will give you the latest techniques for eliminating pests forever.


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