Another Economic Punch; Plenty of Western Countries Favorite Fruit Himsagar Mango, which Goes from Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a huge hype surrounding mangoes. In mainstream culture, the arrival of summer (Baishakh) signifies the arrival of mangoes, and each household celebrates this occasion with an influx of mangoes of various types. Consumption sky-rockets during this time. Places such as Rajshahi, Chapainawabgonj face an avalanche of demand for this mellow yellow ecstatic entity. And, this national frenzy is now gaining world reputation, taking over international markets, crossing over international waters.

Mango Frenzy Effects
Solidaridad Network Asia initiated a unique project termed “Safal“. Safal has allowed local farmers to infiltrate international markets and made the foreign economies accessible. An individual named Hafizur Rahman, residing in Sadar Upazila’s Madhabkati Choghadiya, has sent over 4000 kg of mangoes from his orchard alone. The mangoes have been distributed among the markets of Italy, France and the UK.

The increased demand has opened up new opportunities for local farmers and has expanded the market. The farming of mangoes is now an outstanding opportunity, breaking down the social stigma that was adhered to this specific line of profession. According to the Department of Agriculture Expansion (DAE) in Satkhira, the local mango farmers are looking towards the potential appreciation in export levels by two folds.



And, the news keeps getting better and better for this industry. The Khirsapat mango from Chapainawabganj has received the GI tag. GI refers to Geographical Indication. The tag celebrates the prospect that the particular product has rich enough history, origin, and procurement in a unique method following traditions defining the geographical location. After Hilsa and Jamdani, the mango has received acclaim that it defines Bangladesh and uplifts the various traditional histories hidden behind it.
The mangoes alone contribute to around 20 to 25% of fruit exports. And, this mango has excellent fame for its fantastic taste and the intoxicating aroma of freshness. Moreover, the Khirsapat mango is in very high demand in Europe.

Effects on the Bangladeshi Economy
The revived demand for such mangoes is a relief for Bangladesh. With the economy functioning only on the prospect of garments, this has provided the economy’s diversification.
Increased demand also refers to increased levels of production. It is ensured to encourage young entrepreneurs to take up the idea of mango production. Therefore, as new firms sprout while existing orchards expand, there is going to be job creation. Therefore, new levels of employment will ensure a lower unemployment figure. The economy is ensured to prosper since rising export levels will lead to more significant revenue, and enhance diplomatic relations with foreign countries, making the entrance of Bangladesh onto the world platform a smooth one, rather than a sudden burst of luck.
However, the increased demand will also mean that croplands will be used up quite often, and natural resources will be the intensive target towards this profiteering sector. The chances of natural resource exhaustion is a concern. But, this is counteracted by the testament of DAE, the body ensuring that they will see over the distribution of this increased demand and make sure that every variable remains under a sustainable growth rate.


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