Is Jun88 Scam Rumor True or Not?

Jun88 scam is a rumor that has confused players recently. Some newbies when participating in gaming entertainment for the first time will surely be very afraid and insecure about their personal information. Because of such unconfirmed information, the house has suffered a lot of losses. So let’s find out the reasons and truth behind the rumors.

1. The truth about the cause of the Jun88 scam

Currently, on some famous betting forums, you will see articles denouncing this bookie as a scam. Most of the content says that this casino is not transparent in the gaming process. Especially cheating and stealing money from players, more specifically the following 3 reasons:

1.1 Steal the bet amount that the player has deposited

A member of the house Jun88 shared his experience when depositing money into his account and losing everything. This time, the casino is having many promotions, so players have loaded their accounts with 50 million VND. However, after 2-4 days he still hasn’t updated his account balance.

1.2Jun88 does not allow bettors to withdraw winnings

In addition, there are other sources of information that this house does not allow players to withdraw bonuses. After depositing and playing the game, bettors have complied with the minimum withdrawal requirements given by Jun88 but still cannot withdraw the bonus. After so many withdrawals, this player is always refused to process the transaction.

The reason for the rumor that Jun88 cheated players

1.3Participating in betting entertainment always loses

The most recent article also accused the house of installing a system that always made players lose bets. No matter how many games you participate in and experience, you will still lose all your money. Those players never felt a win. Therefore, almost all the money deposited into Jun88 to play games is lost without a penny.

2.Jun88 responds to scam rumors

Surely all bettors are waiting for the house to speak up to answer everyone’s questions. Actually, these are just some unexpected cases and have been handled by the support system 100%. So one should not listen to unfounded rumors. Here are some shares from the representative of the house Jun88:

The dealer really feels very confused when the player denounces the money-robbing system. The reason for this could be that the player made a transaction when the bank was in error. Or it could be that Jun88 is under maintenance and cannot process the transaction. Therefore, the time it takes for players to update their balance will be longer than expected.

Regarding the rules for withdrawing the bonus, the bookie has clearly announced conditions for players. When participating, you did not consider the information carefully, so you did not meet the conditions to withdraw money. In such cases, the Jun88 system will refuse to process the transaction.

All games of the house are set at random random results. If you are an inexperienced beginner, it is very difficult to win. All brothers when playing games here must hone their skills and luck to be able to win bets. Therefore, the rumor of playing games at Jun88 is completely false.

Besides, there are also some sources of bad information from competitors. These bookies often take advantage of opportunities and bad rumors to lower the reputation of Jun88, so everyone should be alert when choosing a safe gaming address.

The dealer’s side has given some feedback to bettors

3.Some factors confirm that Jun88 is completely legal

The dealer’s representative has given evidence for players to believe. Besides, this playground also has advantages worthy of being a prestigious entertainment address for bettors such as: has been recognized by Pagcor as a legal and safe bookie of international standards.

The player’s information security system is extremely safe with the most advanced technology available today. All members are guaranteed personal data not to be leaked.

Jun88 also invests a lot in game store to customer care services. The entertainment bettors here are supported from a to z, so it will be easier to get used to the house system.

Factors that prove that the Jun88 house is a legal gaming address


As you can see, the Jun88 scam is just an unfounded rumor of some players. All causes of this rumor have been satisfactorily resolved by the house. So everyone can feel secure when participating in the game here.


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