Remove the Acne Part from Your Life and Flow the Radiance

Acne can be due to many reasons, and before you rush to a dermatologist, it is essential to notice your acne and understand its severity. Often people blame not drinking enough water or not washing your face enough, which are all a myth. While drinking water to stay hydrated is necessary, getting rid of acne is a more challenging feat. Acne can be attributed to many reasons like not sleeping enough, eating a lot of unhealthy food that compromises your body’s natural mechanisms or hormonal imbalances.

Let your skin breathe!

If you are suffering from acne vulgaris, you need to stop using all the products you are currently using on your skin. It would help if you gave your skin time to breathe and heal. Just stick with a basic skincare routine which could be a good moisturizer like Cetaphil or Cera ve for dry skin. And a subtle face wash that is non-stripping. And use sunscreen at all times when you go out. The sunscreen part can be tricky to come around as some sunscreens can even trigger acne, but it is essential to protect your skin from more sun damage if you have existing acne.

More targeted acne treatments?

For more severe acne, which you cannot cure at home, you should consult a doctor and use prescription meds like Differin or Retinol. But these should be used in proper percentages to see the effectiveness. Differin is a treatment of acne or other issues like blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. The product acts against the abnormal skin processes associated with acne. Retinoids are a massive family of compounds derived from Vitamin A. It is applicable to renew skin, helping with not only acne but also wrinkles.

Other treatments could include chemical peels, but this is not useable or applicable at home. It would help if you went to a proper esthetician who professionally conducts chemical peels. Chemical peels will leave your skin sensitive, so make sure you protect your skin after the treatment.

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Antibiotics are also given to kill excess bacteria and reduce inflammation. Antibiotics consumption should go up under a doctor’s guidance, but they are accommodating with acne.

A healthy lifestyle

No matter how much you try to heal your acne from the outside, you cannot cure it if you don’t take care of yourself. So make sure to have a clean diet filled with lots of antioxidants to fight off free radicals that damage your skin. Having loads of fresh fruits and avoiding junk food will improve your physical health and your skin. When you feel good inside, you will glow on the outside. Acne is curable entirely for some people with a great diet.

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Acne can be a big blow to someone’s confidence, from unwanted judgements and remarks to not fitting in a social circle due to your insecurity. It can affect your life. And it is challenging to navigate through teenhood or adult acne. But you need to first and foremost feel confident in your skin. No matter what others say, it would help if you didn’t let it get to you. Keep working on yourself and do your research. If the tips mentioned above don’t work, consult with a certified dermatologist and skin specialist.

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