Short Essays for Kids

English is a universal language, and we use it to communicate with other people. When our children grow up, they wish to travel the world and establish their careers and think about the ordeals that they had to overcome in primary classes to perfect their spellings and grammar. Though writing essays was the most burdensome task that they had to endure in smaller classes, they will be grateful to have built a solid foundation in the language at an early age itself.

Writing essays is a crucial part of the development of our children. Along with enhancing their writing and reading skills, essay writing will make them familiar with a particular topic. It is also vital to note that their vocabulary and language will only improve if they practise writing many short essays. Here, we will discuss how we can develop an interest in children to write essays through simple and easy topics, like my father essay, my best teacher essay, my school essay, and my hobby essay, among many others.

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Benefits of Writing Essays

Essay writing is a useful and creative activity for kids to build their language skills. Hence, it is important to inculcate this habit of writing essays in children from their childhood. Even while appearing for an exam or preparing for an interview, they must know to frame correct sentences in English to succeed. We will see the different benefits of writing an essay for children here.

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  • Children will be able to develop their vocabulary by writing essays. They will encounter new words and phrases, and they will learn to use them appropriately while writing or speaking.
  • Children will develop knowledge on diverse topics, like air pollution, global warming, cyber security etc. While writing an essay on a topic, they will be required to read many articles on it to form an understanding. This will further help them to write brief essays.
  • By writing essays, children will know how to combine words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs. They will learn to better organise their ideas and thoughts as well as share their perspectives on the given topic while writing essays.
  • The greatest impact of essay writing can be seen in the improvement of the reading and writing skills of children. They will also develop good communication and critical thinking abilities.Information about: thenewsify , Learn why : amazinginfo , And Read More: 1i1

Tips to Write Essays for Kids

Children often find essay writing to be a difficult task. If we must stir their interest in this activity, they must be able to relate to what they are writing. By giving them easy-to-comprehend topics, they will be able to freely express their feelings and thoughts. Besides, we must choose the topics according to their age and class. It is then that they will feel a little committed to writing an essay on their favourite topic.

There are many topics for essay writing where children can easily write 10 lines or a small paragraph on it. Initially, we must ask them to write my hobby essay, my family essay, my visit to a zoo essay or my journey by train essay. Once they attain clarity on how to write, we can give them more complex topics as they move up each grade.

When they receive a topic, it is best to reflect on it for some time and jot down their views as bullet points. Later, they can structure these points into proper sentences and paragraphs. They must use simple language to write essays and then proofread and check for grammatical or spelling errors. We can also encourage them to read as they will get a lot of information on writing essays from reading various articles. Thus, by making them practise regularly, we can help our children master the English language.


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