5 Advantages of Using NCERT Solutions for CBSE Exam Preparation

The full form of NCERT is the National Council of Education Research and Training. It is an organisation which plays a crucial role in designing and distributing books for students in their primary and secondary education. The extremely knowledgeable faculty prepare these books, which are considered to be the best reference material for the CBSE exams. There is no harm in using the reference books, but the students should keep in mind that all the topics in the NCERT books have to be learnt thoroughly.

For Classes 10 and 12, NCERT books have numerous solved examples and exercise problems at the end of each chapter for practice. If a student is not able to answer the textbook questions, NCERT Solutions 12 Maths would be of great help. Solving the textbook problems based on the CBSE exam pattern will be very easy for the students by referring to the solutions PDF. Both online and offline formats are made available so that students can access them anywhere and anytime without any restrictions.

Advantages of NCERT Solutions

  1. Sticks to the CBSE syllabus

The top-notch faculty design the solutions by keeping in mind the latest syllabus of the CBSE board. It offers in-depth knowledge of the subject, topics and concepts and helps the students grasp it in an effective way. The questions asked in the board exams are of varying difficulty levels. So, having a good knowledge of the concepts in NCERT books and solutions will help students ace well in the exams.

  1. Available for all the classes

Students who find it difficult to understand the concepts during class hours can make use of the solutions which are available online. It is provided for all the classes, subjects, chapters and exercises to help students access it with ease. If a student refers to these solutions and obtains a good hold on the concepts covered, scoring good marks in the final exams will be very easy.

  1. Uses easy-to-understand language

The experts use easy-to-understand language in explaining the solutions to help students learn it well, irrespective of their intelligence quotient. The simple words used in describing the steps and concepts mainly aim to help students attain remarkable results in their final exams. All the solutions contain numerous steps based on the marks weightage allotted by the CBSE board.

  1. Recommended by the CBSE board

The CBSE board advises the students to refer to the NCERT Books and Solutions to learn the concepts according to the latest syllabus. If a student masters the chapters in these books, even the complex questions in the board exams can be answered effectively. The method used to answer a particular question can be understood well by using the solutions to cross-check their steps.

  1. Provides numerous questions for practice

When compared to various study materials, the NCERT books contain solved examples and exercise problems to help students learn particular topics well. Practising the textbook problems on a daily basis is very important as most of the questions in the final exams are picked up from the NCERT.

The NCERT Books and Solutions are the best study materials for students when it comes to board exam preparation. Class 7 NCERT Solutions can be used by the students in order to learn the basic concepts in a clear-cut manner. The fundamentals are discussed in a fun learning way so that the students do not miss any topic which is important in their higher education levels.


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