Introducing New People Bk8 – Invite Friends for Mutual Benefits

Introducing newcomers tại nhà cái BK8 so that you and your friends can experience the house’s super product. There are hundreds of different game halls for players to choose from. Thus, betting at the BK8 house is very diverse and is for experimentation.

1.Introducing newcomers What program is BK8?

Each member after registering to join the house will be given an ID code and a referral URL code, no one is the same and your code is unique. To be able to receive incentives from introducing newcomers BK8, your friends must enter the ID code, or click on the player’s URL. Then, both parties benefit from this cooperation. Specifically, both the inviter and the invitee receive cash.

The introduction of newcomers to BK8 can be through the community around you, or if you want to become an agent, there will be a marketing plan. Your task is to suggest the intention to register to join the house to your friends, then explain how to make money so that they feel interested. Once the interests of players are upheld, they will tend to want to sign up immediately.

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2.How to introduce new people BK8

One advice for players is to invite as many people as possible, the beneficiary is you, and the person who enters the referral code is also given cash on the same day. If you are still wondering about the steps to introduce newcomers to BK8, the following information will guide you in the most detail!

Action 1: Players access the official website of BK8 through the link with the dealer’s name

Action 2: Follow the login steps

Action 3: Below the menu bar there is a link code icon and the “Share” feature. Thus, players can do it in two ways to refer to their friends.

Action 4: Ask the opposite person to enter the newbie referral code BK8, or click on the URL link to register

Note, one is the person invited to enter the referral code, the other is to access the URL link to be counted as legal. You can send the link through any of the social networks, the referred person after clicking will go to the official website.

BK8 promotion program

3.Referral Payment Terms

Knowing the terms and conditions is essential for players to receive rewards quickly, avoiding the case of a violation of certain regulations that leads to not being able to receive the offer.

The program is only for official members of BK8 who have registered for an account before

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The invitee must click on the URL link to register, or enter the newbie referral code BK8

Invitees provide a valid phone number and email address, which has not been used to register an account before.

The bookie system will check to find people who show signs of fraud or intentionally create multiple accounts just to receive offers.

If a violation is detected, BK8 has the right to handle it by applying the sanctions to cancel the status of receiving incentives, or more seriously, to lock the account.

If the invitee and the invitee meet the set conditions, the money will be added to the account

Limited quantity promotion, whoever is faster will get the discount

Each player can invite as many friends as possible, the house will pay for each valid registration

For any controversy or complaint that occurs, the house BK8 is the final decision maker

4.Reward Bonuses

The question now is how much money will the two sides get by sharing the code and entering the code? Besides that, are there any requirements to make deposits and withdrawals? Let’s find out together!

4.1About the bonus

Invited person will immediately receive 100k to their account after entering a valid referral code

The inviter immediately receives 200k into the BK8 account by sharing the benefits of joining the house to more people. In addition, there is a permanent commission based on the negative profit of the invitee

4.2 Some requirements when introducing newcomers BK8

Deposit requirement: Referred member must deposit about 2 million VND into his main account

Requirements for betting turnover: Minimum daily turnover must reach 300,000 VND, only on successful bets, excluding draw or cancel bets.

Time requirements: Within 30 days, players must comply with the regulations that the Bk8 house has set for receiving preferential rewards


Permanent commission at BK8

Introducing newcomers BK8 promotion is a win-win cooperation. So, quickly take advantage of this opportunity to make a lot of money. Invite 1 person to get 200k, invite 5 people to get 1 million dong, players don’t need to calculate too much and still can have money.


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