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How Much Does Siding Cost to Install?

Those planning the repairs might be interested in what sum they will have to pay for the siding installation. If you are one of them, we are eager to help you and cover this topic. It’s always better to be well aware of the peculiarities of the stuff before plunging into doing something. Let’s begin!

The Types of Siding and Pricing

Siding can be different. Here are the materials that can be chosen by the clients:

  • Vinyl;
  • Wood;
  • Brick;
  • Aluminum;
  • Fiber cement and others.

Naturally, the cost you will have to pay depends on the material you plan to select. Let’s cover them shortly and take a look at the approximate prices.

Vinyl siding is going to cost you about $5 for the square foot (from $4,999 total). If we compare it with the rest of the materials, we will be able to conclude that it is relatively cheap and it is not hard to maintain. It is actually one of the most common materials selected by those who intend to replace or install new siding.

If you make a decision to pick wood as the material for your future siding, then, you will have to pay from $2 to $6 for the square foot (from $4,950 total). Wood is chosen rather frequently and its main advantage is that it looks natural and lasts from twenty to forty years (the average figures).

As for the brick, it will be rather expensive (the average price is $9 per square foot, from $11,933 total). The houses sided with brick look just awesome. It is fireproof, and this material can last more than 100 years!

Considering aluminum as the material for the siding installation is going to be linked to the pricing of $5 for the square foot (from $6,757 all in all). However, this is an average figure and it may fluctuate depending on various factors. Aluminum is pretty cool to install as long as it is waterproof and it is thought to be a great alternative to wood. It can be painted and it is recyclable which is really nice.

And finally, if you choose fiber cement, then, you will be paying around $8 for the amount of material discussed here ($7,274 in total). It is resistant to weather and once you install it, you will get an extra bonus: it is fireproof. What is more, it may last more than fifty years!

At the same time, all materials have their own disadvantages.

All of the figures we have stated here may change depending on what company you decide to work with, and whether you will be buying the material yourself or not. If you do not want to delegate such a task, then, you need to consider the spot for getting the stuff.

What Else Affects the Cost?

Apart from the material, there are also some other factors that determine the cost you are going to pay. Here they are:

  • Removal of siding you have;
  • Quality;
  • The size of the house that has to be covered with siding;
  • Some individual features of your home that may complicate the installation (a lot of corners and so on);
  • Labor. Depending on the material of siding and the size of the house, you might need more or fewer employees who will be dealing with your request.

This is what you should expect to face when planning siding installation.

What Company Should You Work with When Planning to Install Siding?

It is a tricky question to ask. Once you try to select a nice firm to trust for such a task, you ought to consider the following:

  • The reviews left by the clients should be optimistic and prove that the company has enough experience in dealing with siding installation;
  • The firm is able to provide adequate pricing that won’t hurt your budget;
  • The representatives of the company can answer all questions you have and do it with patience and in a polite way;
  • The timing is discussed and the staff is ready to meet your requirements.

There are a lot of companies to choose from. However, Kansas City siding installation should be convenient and make you satisfied with the final result.

What kind of siding do you plan to install?


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