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Grout Trends That You Should Know About

You might be thinking: actually how important is grout? But when it is done right you can change the aesthetic of any room. The grouting around a tiled room can completely change its appearance: a dull and lifeless grout can look ugly and tired; whereas a vibrant and exciting grout color can make all the difference, and having the right grout color combination can elevate even the simplest of tiles. Over the last couple of years, however, grouting trends have taken off. This blog will give you a rundown of some of the best trends and ideas so that you too are in the know.

Low Contrast Tile Grout

Low contrast grout is a grout that subtly matches the tiles it fills in. For example, a matt black tile would take black grouting if you wanted to go for a low contrast look. An iconic version of this is the New York Subway tile, which is white on white. The benefit of this trend is that it is chic and timeless and looks good anywhere. Many cafés and bars have taken to this trend of grouting in the last couple of years, as it adds a cosmopolitan vibe to any venue and keeps a place feeling sophisticated with little hassle.

Tonal Tiles

While the contrast is still subtle, tonal tile grouting allows you to play with the tones in your design. More often than not this looks best in a bathroom setting where you can use the subtle tonal distinction to create a soothing and calming environment. Earth tones are very popular right now, adding a hushed effect to an already very calming vibe. All you need to do is make sure that your grouting is a little darker than your chosen tile color for it to work in full effect. There are many ways you can achieve this; you just need the right grouting equipment for the job. This also includes equipment that can help keep your grouting clean in the future.

The Gray Grout

Although it does not sound particularly charming, gray grout brings a very modern vibe. It adds a freshness to any tile color, particularly if you choose a light blue or green. It feels pretty and tonal, whilst giving enough depth to make your tiles stand out. You will notice gray grout in most modern homes, particularly in the kitchen. Furthermore, if you go for a non-traditional tile shape, such as a hexagon or an octagon, a gray grout will offer just the right amount of depth to make the shape stand out, which might be lost if you went for a low contrast option. Read More about hub4u click here cinewap Visit here viewster

Brass or Gold Inlay

If you want to be fancy with your tiling options, a gold or brass inlay is a great idea. This chic but opulent style adds a certain type of pizazz to any tile. It looks particularly good with a white or black tile since it stands out. Furthermore, this is a niche design idea that can be used on both walls and floors.


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