A handbook on school drums for those who don’t know

Trống trường học is probably familiar to everyone. Stick with us from preschool to college. It is seen as an alarm clock for generations of students. But few people probably know the deep roots of these wooden drums.

The school drum is made from jackfruit wood

There are many different types of school drums, the drum signaling the time to go to school and play is made of jackfruit wood and this is considered a common type in every school. And there is an additional type of team drum made of stainless steel and mica or a leather drum surface. Here we will introduce to you the school wooden drum line.

Drums made of jackfruit and buffalo skin are also divided into high-class and popular types. In fact, if you look at their appearance, it is difficult to determine where they are different. As this difference lies in the quality of the drums, in the materials that make them jackfruit and buffalo skin, as well as in the manufacturing method. So its quality and reverberation will be different.

The structure of this blank line is also extremely simple. It has a cylindrical shape, bulging in the middle, the drum surface is made of buffalo skin and the drum body is the drums assembled together, made from jackfruit wood.

For high-end wooden drum line. The selected jackfruit wood must be a perennial tree, achieving extremely high durability and aesthetics, choosing no worms, no scar to make very beautiful drums. Next is the buffalo skin of old buffaloes, because of its durability and eloquence. Buffalo skin needs to be carefully selected, then processed, dried, cut to fit each drum size. In addition, the drum also comes with an awl, made of high-quality wood to ensure that the drum sound is far away.

How should I choose a school drum?

You need to know that school drums are also divided into many types suitable for different levels of learning. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to certain principles.

Currently you can find empty field types like:

  Kindergarten empty

Empty elementary school

Empty Middle School

High School Drums

College drum

Each type is different in size, so its reverberation is not the same.

  So you will choose according to the following criteria:

The right size for the school

Expenses in line with the set budget

High use value

Matching textures

Choose a reputable school emptying address

And don’t forget to check the quality of the drum by observing the following points:

The drum body is even, round, not distorted or broken

The drum face should not be slack, not punctured and must be tight

Standard jackfruit wood material, quality buffalo leather

Giới thiệu : Trống gỗ mít

How to use and maintain the drum properly

In order for the school drum to have a long life, newness over time, we need to know how to use and preserve it. What do you already know?

It’s very simple, you just need:

It is recommended to use the drumstick that comes with the drum when buying to play, avoid using other types of clubs that will affect the sound and quality of the drum surface.

Do not use sharp objects to collide with the drum surface because it may scratch or damage

Do not expose the drum to water or expose it to the sun for too long, so store it in a shady place

Drums should hit the center of the drum marked with a circle if you want to have the loudest, most even sound. There are also times when we need to hit the edge of the drum to create a variety of other sounds.

It can be said that the school drum is a familiar item, it is not only a necessary element of schools, but also a part of student memories when hearing that eloquent drum sound.

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