Why is social media so important in our lives

Although many may have a love-hate relationship with it, social media is an incredibly important tool for much of the world’s population and it is certainly something that the vast majority would be unable to live without.

With a range of different platforms available to access and sign-up to, it would seem almost impossible to be able to go on the internet without accessing one of these specific sites, whilst it is virtually impossible not to see their logos all over the pages that are visited, regardless of the type of website being explored.

The older generation of internet users might disagree and say that they are completely fine without the use of social media, however it is becoming clearer that more and more people are becoming reliant on the services and features that they continue to provide.

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However, when looking at the reasons outlined below, it will instantly become clear why these networks have become vitally important for everyone in the world and why it would be impossible to live without them now.


Communication is a huge life skill that every single human being on the planet will have learnt and experienced at one state in their livelihoods, however the way people communicate has changed as technology has evolved.

Of course, many will have used text services such as SMS or IM web applications to get a message across to an intended recipient, as phone calls seemingly appear to be a part of the past these days.

Social media channels have made communicating with friends, family and the wider population a whole lot easier since their introduction, as people can now communicate with other individuals who hold similar interests with ease, whilst also being able to learn a little more about a person who may be thousands of miles away from them.

Share updates

Before the introduction of social media, it was incredibly difficult to share and provide updates with everyone an individual wished they could in one go.

However, the use of various platforms now means everyone can see the latest news and update that a person wishes to share all in one place. For instance, those who wish to boast that they are playing the best casino games available at casino777 can quickly share it with friends, whilst those who wish to share a photo of what is happening or of a memory are able to do so without too much work!

Getting real-time updates

Before the internet, people would have to rely on getting their news from a newspaper, however by the time that they would have read it, the stories that would have been published would have already been rather old.

Social media has completely changed the way that news is delivered these days, perhaps much to the annoyance of publishers. Individuals who use the networks available are able to get real-time updates where they are able to know all about a particular story as soon as it breaks and get each of the updates as soon as they happen.

Indeed, whilst many will state that they refuse to watch the news because it can largely be a negative experience, everyone around the world needs to know about the latest current events that could have an impact on them and there might not be a better way to find out than the use of social media.

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Businesses can be more successful

Social media has not just become vitally important for people on an individual basis and within their own personal lives, as it is clear that these networks have had a huge impact on businesses, as well.

Many will use social media to target the customer base that they want to hit, whilst others will use them to find out all of the latest trends to ensure they continue to provide a product or service that is relevant and in demand.

Additionally, many businesses have gone solely online and use these platforms to promote the products and services provided. A clear example of this is Instagram and the use of influencers, with it almost impossible not to spot one on any given use of the social media network.

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As highlighted, it is incredibly clear that social media platforms are vital and that their importance can not be understated. They are incredibly valuable across a variety of different reasons and it would be impossible not to rely on them in the very near future.


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