Wearing Diamonds with Wedding Dresses: All You Need To Know

Diamond jewelry has been a critical component in bridal accessories for a long time. There is something symbolic about these prized stones. If we go by De Beers’ tagline of ‘diamonds are forever,’ it signifies the enduring quality of the stones. Further, diamonds retain their value over time. That, in essence, should describe the love between you and your partner. 

On their big day, brides will wear different diamond accessories. These include diamond pendant necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and the diamond engagement ring. The global wedding ring market, as of 2021, was $70.5 billion. The industry predicts a CAGR of 5.8% by the end of 2031. That translates into a staggering 122.4 billion in revenue. 

Our article explores everything you need to know about wearing diamonds with wedding dresses. Let’s see what insights we can uncover.  

Complement, Don’t Detract Attention from Your Ensemble

You want to look amazing on your wedding day. The day is yours, so why not, right? However, that could make you think wearing as much jewelry as possible is fine. So you bring out your diamond tennis bracelets, pendant necklace, drop earrings, and tiara. 

But wait one second. You should aim to complement your ensemble rather than detract. The rule with wedding day diamond accessories is to keep things simple. A diamond pendant necklace will look great with a sweetheart neckline without taking the spotlight from your bridal gown. It will accentuate even your décolletage and draw attention to the neck and shoulders.

You have tons of options to choose from. These include the solitaire pendant, luminescent halo pendant, or classic three-stone pendants. Now here is the trick. Match the diamond pendant necklace with a simple pair of diamond stud earrings. Don’t forget to sweep up your hair to elongate your neck. You get an elegant, sophisticated look that will look fantastic the whole day.  

Your Wedding Dress Neckline Matters

The rule of thumb when choosing accessories is to look at the wedding dress. The most critical part to focus on is the neckline. So:-

    • Romantic sweetheart necklines will look great with diamond pendant necklaces. Pair it with stud earrings for that perfect finish. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colored diamonds for that extra effect. 
    • High or halter necklines don’t need a necklace. So, create some interest with drop diamond earrings. If you want to show some personality, go for diamond chandelier earrings. Put up your hair but leave a few strands out. The other option is a sleek low bun. 
    • V-necklines, like sweetheart necklines, will look great with a pendant earring. 
    • Strapless dresses leave a lot of bare skin. Draw attention to the area with diamond chokers or short-length necklaces. Make sure the necklace does not overlap the neckline. It should sit a few inches above. 
    • Square or scoop necklines are pretty forgiving. You can get away with almost any diamond necklace style. But, whatever you choose should not crowd the neck area. A simple yet elegant tennis necklace will look great paired with a diamond tennis bracelet. For earrings, go for diamond stud earrings to avoid detracting, which we discussed in our first point. 

Choosing Diamond Earrings

We have already given some insights on the right diamond earrings to wear above based on the neckline and hair. 

    • Diamond stud earrings are classic and never go out of style. They are versatile because you can partner them with any outfit or hairstyle. 
    • Drop earrings add a touch of fun, flair, and some drama. They also look contemporary while adding a sparkle to your ears.

But, you need to pay attention to other little yet significant details. 

Be mindful of the type of metal you choose when custom-designing your diamond wedding earrings. The best way to go about it is to look at your dress color tone. If all white, go for platinum or white metal. If the dress is ivory, champagne, or blush, then rose or yellow gold will look fantastic. 

The question you may ask is, do you have to stick to one type of metal? If your diamond wedding band is platinum, should the same apply to the earrings or necklace? The only one who can decide is you. 

What is your personal preference? You only need to ensure that you create some balance. Your choice of accessories should complement the dress as much as possible. There is also the choice of two-toned pieces for a more unified look. The contrast you create can add some extra dimension to make your look more attractive.  

Wedding Dress Embellishments

If your dress has many embellishments, do not compete with the diamond accessories. The focus should remain on the gown. In that case, go for understated jewelry and stick to a minimum.

Think about the embellishments in deciding your diamond colors. A wedding dress with yellow beading or threading would look great with yellow stud diamonds. It adds that little extra without competing with the dress. 

So, let’s say you have a family heirloom like a blue diamond pendant necklace. You can add some blue touches at the bottom of the gown. That will be an interesting way to create interest and balance for the outfit and necklace.  

Make Things More Interesting With Diamond Hair Jewelry

Your hairstyle is a critical part of the wedding day ensemble. So, how about making things more interesting with diamond hair jewelry instead of a simple hairstyle? The rules we have shared above apply. The most critical is to complement your ensemble. 

How will the hairpiece look with your necklace and earrings? You can’t, for instance, have chandelier earrings and then go for a huge or showy hairpiece. A simple diamond headband or clip should suffice.  

Final Thoughts

Your big day is near. One thing that is dominating your mind is your ensemble. You have a pretty good idea about the dress design. But have you thought about the jewelry that will complete the look? 

Well, diamond accessories are fantastic for your special day. You can choose from a range of diamond wedding sets, earrings, pendant necklaces, etc. 

As the bride, the jewelry you choose will depend on several factors. The most significant being your dress style and hairdo. Stick to simple rules like choosing diamond jewelry that complements rather than competes with the wedding dress. 

Think about the neckline when deciding, as we have shared. Your hairstyle will also matter. An updo with a pendant necklace on a sweetheart neckline and stud earrings looks great.

Finally, don’t forego your personal preferences. It is your day, and you need to be in what makes you comfortable. As long as you achieve proper balance, there is no harm.


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