Understanding the WPC Production Line: From Raw Materials to Finished Product

The industrial process known as the production line turns raw ingredients into completed goods. Learn more about the wpc production line and how to use it to your advantage for floor production!

What is the WPC Production Line ?

A brand-new piece of machinery that has recently been designed is the WPC production line. It is mostly employed in the manufacture of floors. The extruder, the die, the cooling system, and the haul-off system are the individual components of the WPC production line. Numerous WPC products, including siding, fencing, and decking, can be made using the WPC production line.

What’s the Process of a WPC Production Line?

A WPC Production Line is a machine that creates all kinds of floors. WPCs are made by combining wood flour or chips with plastic pellets or flakes in a ratio of 60:40. The pellets are melted and then extruded through a die to create long strands of material. These strands are then cooled and cut into pellets, then fed into a WPC extruder, where they are heated and extruded into the desired floor shape. Finally, the finished floors are ready for shipping or storage.


The WPC production line is a flexible and effective technique to create floors. Using this technology, you may produce a wide range of goods in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes. For instance, if you’re searching for a quick and affordable solution to make floors, a WPC production line like Boyu Extruder is something to think about.


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