To Be Proper Husband, You Must be Familiar with the Terms, Period or Menstruation and Ovulation?

The body of a man and a woman is different in many ways. Generally, a man is more muscular than a female. The bone mass of a man is higher than a female. And the cat percentage of a man’s body is lower than a female’s body. Even though women are less muscular than men, yet women are no less than any man. A woman can be anything, starting from a houseful to an employee.
After puberty, a lot of changes happen to a female’s body. For example, voice changes, body mass increases, breasts and hips become bigger. Other people can notice all these changes. But some changes can’t be noticed by seeing the outer appearance. Such as period. Even though it’s 2021, talking about the period is still taboo. Some people find it gross when girls talk openly about the period.
Before and after puberty, a girl must know some basic yet important things about period and ovulation.

Things You Must Know About Ovulation.
When a girl hits puberty, ovulation starts. Ovulation means that from the ovary, mature eggs are released. In simpler words, the girl can get pregnant. Some women keep track of their ovulation when they want to get pregnant. Usually, ovulation occurs between days 11 and 21 of a girl’s cycle, even though most people can’t feel ovulating.

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How to Know When You Are Ovulating
Some girls get headaches when their body is ovulating. And when you are ovulating, you won’t feel tired or sleepy. To check whether you are ovulating or not, you can check your basal body temperature. During ovulation, body temperature might fluctuate slightly. Then you can check the consistency of vaginal secretions. Then you can make on your calendar which day you got your period last month. By doing this, you can find an estimate of your ovulation time.

Things To Know About Period.
After ovulation, if a girl doesn’t get pregnant, the egg breaks down along with the blood lining. And we call this period. During the period, a female bleed for five to seven days. And every month, a girl has to go through this. During this time, a girl has to experience many health-related difficulties. The biggest problem during the period is cramps. Period cramps are excruciating. It feels like someone is stabbing your lower abdomen.
Girls try many things to reduce period cramps, such as they use hot bags, take medicines etc. But none of these methods seems to ease period cramps effectively. Other than period cramps, there are other problems such as headaches, back pain, bloating, mood swings etc. At times the bleeding during the period becomes so heavy that a girl becomes weak. Some girls fall sick because of the period.
Suppose you have an irregular period for a long time. Then it is essential to consult a gynaecologist as early as possible. Because having irregular periods is a sign of a health problem.
Despite all these problems, a girl has to cope up with everything. So instead of treating period as a taboo, it is essential to talk about it to help someone.

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