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Supermicro is an international leader in high performing, green computing server tech and innovation. We offer our international clients with application-optimized workstations and servers customized with storage, GPU solutions, and blade. Our products provide proven reliability, greater designs and one of the company’s broadest arrays of product formations, to fit everything computational need.

Industry 4.0 and 5G

Such flexibility and automation requires high performing wireless communication among people, machines, and the floors and walls of the amenities themselves. Till recently, attaining the level required of connectivity was impossible. The total devices that requires to be connected, the capacity of data that is needed to be transferred, latency, the security requirements, and the reliability, all these couldn’t be achieved with preceding technologies and that is where 5G enters.

5G is seen by most in the manufacturing company as a basic driver for industry 4.0 and the computerization of manufacturing processes. Recently, connecting devices and machines on the factory floor needs specialized wireless tools that fails to offer the security levels and reliability required for such mission-critical apps. 

One of the important aspects of 5G is that an operator is not prerequisite for building a local cellular net. There has been a global move to allocating particular radio frequencies for using publicly without licensing. This denotes that with the right tool in place, one can set up their own private net that they can fully control, with no need of relying on an outward provider or share the net with other individuals. 

ASOCS, an Israel-based company for software, and is also leading in 5G private networks and cellular clouds , allowing mobile devices connectivity at fiber-like bandwidth and speeds. The Industry’s unique method to cellular access is based on virtualizing cellular access fully, and using the O-RAN (Open radio Access Network) specifications, making its answer ideal for layer as a portion of their overall verge service offering. 


The CYRUS 2.0 answer is a solo software pack for 5G cellular processing. It is wholly virtualized across every layer, so it can operate on every standard server. It is attached to radios established on the Open Radio Access Network 7.2 front haul interface, allowing multiple use cases. CYRUS solution maintains 4G techs in similar architecture.

The Supermicro or ASOCS Solution 

The Cyrus 2.0 system allows the industrial user to attach fixed or devices to a centralized compute center through a 5G wireless system. The hardware elements are established on dual Suoermicrp 1019D-16C-FHN13TP servers, dual switches, and a standardized radio. Every RAN and Core elements are implemented as software on the leading virtualization layer.

Benefits Of ASOCS or Supermicro Solution

  • Uses white box switches and Supermicro 1019D-16C-FHN13TP servers 
  • Radios attaches through standard Ethernet Cable which delivers the power also
  • Radios are obtainable in several cellular band widths which depends on the spectrum obtainable in every country
  • Easy to operate management equipment for wbsite configuration, life cycle management, fault management and performance monitoring. The net can as well be managed through a third party management equipments used in the factory.


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