Most Common Forms of Distracted Driving in Louisville

Distracted driving is a big problem in Louisville. As distracted driving has reached an all-time high, there’s been a significant increase in traffic accidents and car accidents due to the driver not paying attention to what’s happening on the roadway.  In fact, distracted driving is so common that it’s the most common cause of car accidents. According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), distracted driving is responsible for approximately 22 percent of all car accident injuries and 4,500 deaths each year.

Moreover, distracted driving can take many forms. In order to make an informed decision on the causes of distracted driving, it’s imperative that the public is made aware of the most common forms of distracted driving in Louisville. You can Learn more here about the common forms of distracted driving in Louisville.

We live in a busy world with all kinds of distractions, including the ever-popular smartphone. For this reason, texting while driving is a large contributor to distracted driving and car accidents in Louisville. The act of texting requires a person to take their eyes off the road and put them on their cellphone. Once their eyes are not on the road, it’s impossible for the driver to keep control of their vehicle or react to other vehicles on the road.

  • Using a mobile phone

While it’s true that calling your spouse or family members while driving is risky, so is using a hands-free device while driving. Using a hands-free device while driving means that a driver’s attention is divided, which in turn can jeopardize their safety and their life.

  • Driving and eating at the same time

Eating while driving has become a very common practice in Louisville. It’s a dangerous practice that can lead to accidents. If you need to eat and drive at the same time, be sure to keep one hand on the wheel at all times and that you take notice of the traffic around you.

  • Grooming

Driving and grooming are a dangerous combination for many drivers in Louisville. Should you need to brush your hair, fix your makeup, or put on a tie? Then, be sure to pull off your vehicle from the roadway and stop your vehicle first.

  • Adjusting the volume of music player

If you must change the volume on your music player, then make sure that you do it before entering a heavily populated area. Adjusting the volume while on the road can be extremely distracting, putting your life at risk.


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