How a Gold Loan Can Be Your Saviour If SBI CIBIL Score for Personal Loan Is Low

Without question, personal loans are the most common and beneficial form of financing available to everyone. The presence of rapid disbursement without restrictions on loan funds’ final usage has been the defining characteristic for decades, correct? However, due to the unsecured nature of personal loans, the credit score serves as the primary criterion for approving or rejecting applications.

Therefore, if you fail to do a SBI CIBIL score check before submitting your application and the lender checks it and discovers that it is low, your personal loan may be denied. In such situations, it is prudent to take out a gold loan if you have sufficient gold assets.

Gold has been one of the most popular savings and investment vehicles among Indian people. In the form of a gold loan, the attractiveness of gold makes lending against it a favoured and handy source of financing. Even for individuals who have been rejected a personal loan and are pondering how to boost the sbi cibil score for personal loan, it’s important to realize that establishing or improving credit score takes months. Therefore, a gold loan is preferable to satisfy urgent financial necessities. Here are fundamental justifications for agreeing.

Quicker disbursal

Gold loans probably require the least amount of paperwork compared to other forms of credit, allowing lenders to release them swiftly. Gold loans are typically disbursed on the same business day as the loan application, making it one of the quickest credit sources available. In addition, rather than opting for the time-consuming procedure of calling or visiting several lenders, one can visit online financial marketplaces to compare and select the most suitable lender based on their financial needs and eligibility criteria.

No restrictions on where you use the loan money

Similar to personal loans and home equity loans, gold loans do not impose any restrictions on the final use of cash. There are no end-use restrictions imposed by the lender on the funds obtained through a gold loan, so providing the borrower with the option to use the loan profits for any purpose, including higher education costs for a kid, wedding costs, or medical emergencies. Consequently, this characteristic is shared by both personal loans and gold loans, making them an alternative to one another, but only for individuals with sufficient gold assets to pledge and borrow against during times of acute financial need.

Minimal or no emphasis on having a high credit score

When applying for gold loans, there is minimal or sometimes no need to worry about how to boost your SBI CIBIL score for personal loan. As gold loans are entirely secured by the promised collateral in the form of gold, lenders often place little attention on the applicant’s credit history. This makes it a potential loan choice for applicants with a low or nonexistent credit score, as they may have difficulties accessing other loan options where the sbi cibil score check is a crucial element in determining loan eligibility and setting lending rates. However, if the loan amount is substantial, the lender may place greater attention on the applicant’s credit score to estimate the associated risk based on the applicant’s repayment history. In this case, you would have to take the necessary steps to improve your credit score, such as performing a periodic review of your credit report, limiting credit card spending to 30% of your total credit card limit, maintaining a healthy credit mix of secured and unsecured debt, and never delaying loan EMIs and credit card bills. All of these factors contribute to the improvement of your credit score, hence increasing your likelihood of loan approval when you see a rise in score upon doing a sbi cibil score check.

Flexible and multiple repayment options

In addition to the benefit of reduced or no emphasis on sbi cibil score check

Gold loans offer further advantages. In addition to the standard EMI option, wherein the borrower repays both the interest and principal component on a monthly basis, certain gold loan providers provide additional flexible repayment alternatives. Borrowers can select a customized repayment option that allows them to pay only the interest component each month, while the principle component is deferred until the loan’s maturity date.

Another alternative is to pay the interest component immediately at the time of loan approval, while the principal component can be repaid at the conclusion of the gold loan’s term. Some lenders also provide the option of bullet repayment, in which both principal and interest are repaid at the conclusion of the loan term.

Borrowers should select the repayment plan that corresponds most closely with their cash flows. As an example, the ongoing covid epidemic has had a negative impact on many people’s incomes. Therefore, solutions such as the non-regular EMI repayment facility or bullet payback of gold can be useful for those who are experiencing disruptions in cash flow and want immediate funds.

Those who continue to have income certainty and regularity, as well as a solid sbi cibil score for personal loan, can choose the regular EMI option since regular servicing of the principle component from the outset of the loan term results in a cheaper interest cost compared to other repayment options.

Utilize leverage instead of selling the asset completely

Obtaining a gold loan by pledging your gold allows you to leverage the asset rather than sell it to satisfy financial needs. This enables you to receive your pledged asset back from the lender upon completion of the loan’s repayment, whereas monetizing the gold by selling it, despite taking steps to improve your credit score, would result in the loss of its own in order to obtain the necessary funds based on the gold’s value.

Also, keep in mind that if you don’t have enough gold but have a strong credit score, as determined by a sbi cibil score check, a stable income, and require a longer repayment duration than gold loan’s short tenures, a personal loan would be a better choice. It is just about comparing the two possibilities on the different specified criteria and then applying for the one that best fits your financial situation.


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