GoPro Video Editing Tricks for Every Newbie Travel Blogger

Clicking pictures and making videos is becoming a normal trend these days. No matter the occasion, you will always see a camera or a smartphone ready to capture beautiful moments. If you are a traveler or a travel blogger, you must have heard of or used GoPro.

GoPro videos are a great way of telling stories and sharing travel memories with friends and family. But filming is one thing, and editing to make it look great is another. Many professional services are available that can help edit your travel blogs, and simultaneously here are some tricks that can help you.

GoPro Video Editing Tricks for Newbie Travel Bloggers

GoPro is an ideal choice for travelers who want to shoot their experience and capture it for their blogs. GoPro is a handy, compact, small, and high-end action camera. If you are new to using GoPro and don’t know how to go with editing, you can take the help of video editing services, which are experts in editing videos. In the meantime, you can also refer to the below tricks to edit your GoPro videos like a pro.

1. GoPro Video Editing Software

Deciding on the editing software before the editing process should be your first step. After all, your edit quality will highly depend on the software you are using. Various software is available depending on your skill type – beginners, master, or pro level. This software will have options based on your experience level. If you have just started using GoPro, it will be best to go with editing software that is simple to use and understand.

Going with complex elements and features in the initial phase may mess up your video completely. Therefore, it is always recommended to go step by step, starting from easy ones to the most complex ones.

2. Trimming The Video

When you travel, you don’t create small videos; you may start by recording the entire journey in bits and pieces. Now there could be videos as long as hours and as small as minutes, but not all will be worth going on your blog. So, it becomes important to trim your video by mixing and matching from multiple videos and then share it on your blog.

The editing software you will use should be able to trim the videos easily. Most software gives access to trimming the video and creating a separate one. Check for the option and start to cut short your long videos to make one interesting blog video.

3. Removing Noise

Although there is no hard and fast rule for eliminating background noise, it would be great if you plan to make it look professional. While recording your video, you will record every noise like windmills, motors, cars, people chatting, and more. Not every sound in your video may be apt, and it may look more like noise rather than sound. In that scenario, it will be a better option to remove it completely and add some soothing music in the background.

Additionally, you can even use GoPro for other uses apart from traveling. For instance, if you are in a real estate business and on a trip, you can use your GoPro to shoot amazing property videos for your blog. Moreover, if you cannot edit these professional videos by yourself, you can take the help of real estate video editing outsourcing services.

4. Adding Effects and Filters

When you film a video, it is not a mandate that you will have the perfect sunlight or the right vision for your take. There can be several instances when the location is perfect, but the video quality is poor because of the resolution. If you have the same problem, worry not, it can be easily taken care of by adding effects and filters to your video.

You can add brightness, colors, saturation, effects, filters, and more to your GoPro videos. Adding all these will make your video look more refined and perfect for your travel blog. But remember, do not try, and add too many filters as it may affect the natural look of your video.

The Conclusion

GoPro is an awesome camera as it can be carried easily, and with so many in-built features, you can make a very appealing video. Once you record your video, editing takes time, but it is also necessary before posting it online. Follow the simple steps above to share a perfect professional travel video with your followers.


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