What color chicken fights best? Learn about the colors of chicken’s webs

In addition to evaluating the chicken’s general appearance, the chicken’s life is also a factor that chicken masters are interested in. Seeing the color of a fighting cock’s life determines which destiny the fighting cock belongs to and how it interacts with the five elements. The cockmaster can know which cocks have similar colors and can fight each other when playing. Knowing how to see what color chicken fights best will help cockers increase their winning rate, so don’t miss New 88 article.

What color chicken fights best?

The color of the fighting cock’s web is the term used to refer to the color of the feathers and legs of the fighting cock. In feng shui and cockfighting tradition, color is considered an important factor in determining fate and compatibility between fighting cocks. The colors commonly used to name fighting cock colors include black, white, red, blue yellow and many other colors.

Viewing the color of cock fighting is a method based on feng shui to determine the five elements and choose the appropriate date and time for the cock fight. In feng shui, the color of the chicken’s feathers and legs is considered an important factor in determining the five elements to which the chicken belongs. The five elements include Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth and each color of the fighting cock corresponds to a separate five element.

An important part of this method is analyzing the color of the chicken’s feathers and determining the corresponding five elements. At the same time, this method also focuses on determining the compatibility and incompatibility between the feather colors of different fighting cocks, according to season and day.

In the cockfighting tradition, looking at the color of the cock’s life is an important factor in choosing the cocks and deciding on the date and time for the match. Applying this method properly can help increase the cocker’s ability to win and make the right decisions for the match.

What colors of cocks are there?

There are many different types of fighting chickens, depending on the feather color, leg color and appearance of the chicken. However, in Vietnam, the most popular are the following 7 types of cockfighting networks:

  • White cock’s life color: Considered a precious life, often has the highest price and is the most popular. If a white cock fights with another live cock, there will be a tendency to counter each other.
  • Black stone cock’s life color: This is a rare life and is also considered a precious life. Black cock can overcome many other types of attacks.
  • Brown stone cock’s web color: Is the most common and also popular. Brown fighting cocks often have good ability, flexibility and sharp attacks
  • Yellow cock’s web color: Also a popular webbing but less popular than brown webbing. However, if you have the ability to overcome your opponent, the golden cock can become a strong network.
  • Gray cock’s web color: Rare and little known. However, the gray fighting cock can overcome many other types of attacks.
  • Chicken vein color: Has white veins on the feathers, often popular because of its unique beauty. However, the fighting cock is not a strong network.
  • Blue-legged fighting chicken’s life color: Not only considering feather color, leg color is also an important factor in determining the fighting chicken’s life. Blue-legged fighting cocks often have strength and high winning ability.

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Principles of fighting cock’s color according to the five elements

According to the principle of analysis according to the five elements, there are 5 types of relationships between the five elements (birth-encroachment-harmony-excess-vu).

  • Mutuality: Is the help and support between the elements, such as metal supporting water, water supporting wood, wood supporting fire, fire supporting earth and earth supporting metal
  • Compatibility: Is the restraint and hindrance between elements, for example metal overcomes wood, wood overcomes earth, earth overcomes water, water overcomes fire and fire overcomes metal
  • Harmony: Is peace and non-obstruction or support between the elements, such as metal does not affect metal, wood does not affect wood and so on for the remaining elements.
  • Similarity: Refers to dominance, for example when wood dominates earth
  • Mutual Vu: Implies contempt, when one element is too weak or too strong compared to another element, for example when water is too weak compared to fire

Should cockers believe in the color of a fighting cock’s life?

The color of the chicken’s skin today does not determine the winner or loser of the cockfight, but is simply a matter of feng shui to increase the fortune of the fighting cocks. Before watching today’s colorful cockfight, please take good care of the health and physical strength of your fighting cock. Have a reasonable nutrition and competition – practice plan, especially when cockfighting time is approaching.

Although bookmaker New88 does not advise members to rely on the method of determining what color is the best cock to fight today, they should still use it to see what color the cock will be to fight tomorrow? To have confidence and strength to fight.

The first and most necessary thing to be able to win is your own fighting cock care skills. Chickens must be kept in the best physical condition and mentally comfortable before fighting. If any hen is sick, even if it is a lucky day, it will be difficult to win.


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