You Can Use These Simple Tricks to Read Study Books with Full Concentration, and These have Scientifical Explanations

Read aloud
Remember when we were children, and our parents would teach us to read aloud so that they know if we’re reading correctly? It was impossible not to focus back then. That was because it’s impossible to daydream when you’re reading out loud. It forces your mind to concentrate on the words on the page. Just try to understand the words you’re saying, and you’ll be successfully reading.

Use a pointer
Follow the words with your finger or a pen while you’re reading. Forcing your hand to keep up with your eyes puts a barrier between absent-mindedness and your concentration. It also helps you to understand the sentence you’re following.

Find interesting resources
Not all books are good to read. Many textbooks are dry and hard to read. Luckily many more exciting texts will teach you the same thing in much more exciting ways. Search for them online, or better yet, ask your teachers or classmates for alternate course material. There are usually many interactive resources for every topic.

Use a reward system
Get a parent or friend to oversee your reading performance. If you do well and focus, then he or she’ll praise you and give you something you like. It could be a pretty item you want or taking you somewhere you like now and then. Positive encouragement will make you feel much happier about the effort you have to put in.

Use punishment
Likewise, you could also schedule a punishment if you don’t read properly. You could ask your parent to see that you put a dollar in a jar for every reading session you cannot focus on study. They can also see that you have to wash the dishes and do various chores when you don’t focus.
Just make sure the punishment does not border on abuse, deprivation of good healthy things like social gatherings and hobbies and isn’t detrimental to your growth. Chores are still productive and a learning experience. Being deprived of books, friends, art or being hit is not conducive to growth.

Some people are just better listeners than they are readers. You could try to find audio material covering your texts and listen to it while taking a walk or in the car. As long as you understand the information contained, the task is successful.
You could also watch videos online.

Use a timer
People are much more likely to focus on their work when they work for a specific, short period than when they start off thinking they’ll read for as long as it takes to finish the chapter or a high number of pages. Use a timer to specify a specific period in which you will be working. It will take the anxiety and heaviness of working for “as long as it takes” and allow you to relax while still being focused on your work for the short amount of time you’ve set up.
It is much more effective to read appropriately for a short while than to read half-heartedly for hours.
Don’t be afraid to read slowly. Reading is about understanding the words, not how many words you can tick off per minute.

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