Why we need FTP technology


An FTP server is a server that uses a special data transfer protocol. It is used to exchange files between users. The protocol has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when using the server.

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Why we need FTP technology

FTP is a protocol. The technology is very much in demand. It is used when downloading programs, movies, e-books, and courses from remote servers. Such systems have also found use in the creation of websites. The data of the web resource is stored on the FTP server. If you need to make any changes to the site, it is enough to connect to the data storage, download the necessary file, edit it and upload it back. After that, the site will work with the changes you made.

Essentially, an FTP server is a computer connected to other computers via a local network. It can also be connected via the Internet. With the help of special programs, the user can find the data stored on the desired server. Connection is also possible via a browser. To do so, just type the server address into the search bar, typing “ftp://” beforehand.

To understand the intricacies of using the protocol, it is worth understanding the concept of ftp – what it is and how it works.

What FTP is used for

Site files are the most common use of FTP servers. They can also store any data that takes up a lot of disk space. Information on FTP storage sites includes movies, software, and articles. These files are usually available without the need to confirm personal information.

FTP technology is popular because of the easy organization of file storage. Access rights can be set quickly and easily. The server can be used as a backup storage facility. If necessary, special extensions are used to secure the connection. For most tasks related to accessing information, this protocol is ideal.

Knowing basic information about ftp – what it is and how to use it, you will be able to facilitate some tasks related to file storage.

FTP server features

The main task of the FTP protocol is to provide a fast transfer of data. In addition to functions that allow you to transfer and download files, such servers allow you to perform other commands that allow you to manage the file system:

·        Authentication is required.

·        Ability to upload and download data as text or convert data to binary code.

·        Availability of a dedicated channel.

·        Ability to create multiple connections. One channel allows you to send responses to requested control commands. Other channels enable data transmission.

Since the authenticity of the packet source is not verified, FTP is vulnerable to dDoS.

How to use

To understand how to use an FTP server, you need to understand its peculiarities. One of the main ones is the need to enter your credentials to connect. Instead of entering your name and password, you can use an anonymous connection. The password in this case is anonymous, and the username is email.

In terms of secure connections, FTP is quite vulnerable. This is because it was developed at a time when many types of attacks were not popular enough. All information, including personal data, is transmitted unencrypted. The FTPS protocol extension is used to send and receive encrypted files.


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