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We Should Avoid Using Social Media and Find the Secret Advantages of it

Since the last few years, usage of social media apps increased. The famous social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Social media platforms have many advantages. It helps people to connect with their loved ones from any part of the world. Then you can share about your daily life on social media platforms. You can know the regular lives of your loved ones.
Benefits of Quitting Social Media
Even though social media platforms have many good sides, yet you will see that many articles influence people to quit using social media. Even you will see that many people stopped using social media apps. Because quitting social media has many good sides that are life-changing.
Quitting Social Media Helps You to Save Time
Studies found that, on average, a person spends three to four hours on social media every day. And if you quit using social media, you will be able to save three hours every day, which is a lot of time. In these three hours, you can finish your work, study, read books, hang out with friends etc. You can be with your family, meditate etc. Even you won’t have the urge to check your phone frequently.
You Can Be More Productive
Most people are addicted to social media. As a result, they have the urge to check their phones, even if they are working. So you do your work at a slower rate. Social media is quite distracting and tends to interrupts a person. Constantly checking the phone and working is multitasking. And not many people can’t do multitasking properly. So when you stop using social media, you will do your work faster.
You will Feel Better.
Social media is such a place where people only show their perfect sides. Often we feel insecure when looking at the pictures of Instagram models. And then we tend to feel insecure when we see others are becoming successful. All these things increase stress. And stress itself is pretty problematic as it causes many health-related issues. Quitting social media means you won’t feel insecure, and you won’t have the urge to check your newsfeed and timelines. You will feel better, and you will be happier.

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You will Get Enough Sleep.
There are many records that people spend their whole nights on social media. The most common causes are that many people spend two to three hours at night on social media. As a result, they don’t get enough time to sleep. Because they have to wake up in the morning for school, office etc. Sleep is crucial for good health. If you stop using social media, you will get the extra there hours to sleep.
You will Be More Confident As A Person.

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Due to social media, people become less confident when it comes to face to face relationships. Because people are using online to talk, you will develop more confidence to meet a person in real life when you give up on social media.

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All these reasons might seem minor at first, but once you give up on using social media, there is no coming back.

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