Use Comedy to Liven Up a Birthday Party

Birthday parties are meant to entertain, not only the guest of honor but the party as a whole.  

It can be as simple as providing an open bar or as involved as hiring a live music act to take the stage.

If you’re looking to liven and lighten up your next birthday bash, consider a comedian.

There is someone out there who complements your crowd.

If you want the birthday boy or girl to have an unforgettable time, pick a comedian that speaks to their particular sense of humor.

Punkie Johnson is a stand-up talent who doesn’t mince words and is ruthless in her jokes. If your crowd is one who can take some strong ribbing, that’s the type of comedian you topportal want.

You may opt for someone who tells clean jokes for a family-friendly party, or someone who caters to the female set if it’s a women-only soiree.

You want a talent who melds well with the crowd at large to make the event as comfortable as possible. They should also match up well with the venue.

No one needs to hear a line-up of fart jokes when the party is taking place at the swankiest country club in town.

Guests will be engaged.

Sometimes a party hits a stale point where people are simply staring down at their phones, not conversing or having a good time. A comedian won’t allow that to happen.

You can hire a comedian whose aim is to involve the crowd in their bits. They may hold conversations with them while doing their act. This opens up the door for interactions between guests both during and after the comedian is performing.

They can help move things along.

If you’re hosting a big party that has events happening at specific times, a comedian can be a great facilitator to get people moving to where they need to be.

Talk to the comedian beforehand and gauge how involved they may want to be in the party outside of their act. They can often double as an emcee. If you shelfari.net have party games planned, they could be the added piece that makes them even livelier.

They may also be the ones to usher everyone toward the buffet, or to call it when the night is through.

You can get your roast on.

We aren’t talking culinary fare here – we’re talking taking a stab at the honored birthday guest in the form of roasting.

If that person takes a joke well, or may even be a ball buster themselves, having a comedian lovingly roast them can provide the best entertainment.

Everyone will be happier, and healthier.

It’s been scientifically proven that laughter improves our mixx.la health. Who doesn’t want to get healthy while chowing down on birthday cake and sweets?

Laughing releases mood-boosting endorphins, which helps lower stress levels. It provides better blood flow for your heart and can temporarily relieve any pain.

It also helps burn calories, as long as you’ve got a good chuckle on for 15 minutes or more.


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