Top Five Teams Likely to Win the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is drawing closer, and we can feel the drums rolling and the tempo rising. One thought is on everyone’s mind who would win this edition of the FIFA World Cup. What country would take home all the victory? One thing about the FIFA World Cup is that it is unlikely to predict the outcome. Simply to staking on NASCAR betting odds, predicting the champions is tricky. 

However, we can see that some teams have a better squad, plays better football, and are more organized than others. Although this might not determine who would win, it sure gives us some perspective into the teams that are likely to go all the way. In that case, here are five teams we believe have a clear shot at winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Doha, and many sports betting sites would agree. 


Brazil would always be a favorite to win any competition they participate in because of their incredible history and formidable team. Although we might not have the same level of talent as in 2002, the squad going to Qatar is still very much formidable in every aspect, and they remain a team for anyone to beat.

With Neymar, Vinicius, Couthino, and others in blazing form, Brazil would remain a top choice for who would win the competition. Aside from that, every soccer fan enjoys watching the Samba boys, and we expect them to light up the show in Qatar. We will be looking forward to how far they will get in this year’s WC edition. 


On paper, England has the most complete team going to the World Cup. They have superstars in every position on the pitch, and the backups are in no way below average. Although this is not the first time England will have a formidable squad and not produce anything, this year seems like it would be different for the three lions.

We have a more hungry team looking to win their first WC trophy since 1966, and this might be their time. The team is filled with young budding players with competitive experience, making them a hard team to face, and if Southgate can find the right selection and tactics, they can go farther than 2018. Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, and Mason Mount would remain pivotal to the team. 


The defending champions are undoubtedly a formidable team going into the FIFA World Cup. They are still unbeaten in the competition since 2018 when they won all their matches to win the most coveted trophy in soccer for the second time. France has a more experienced team, and they would like to continue their World Cup triumph in Qatar. 

With Benzema in top form and back in the team, France is stronger than in 2018. Therefore, they may go far in the competition. We can see them being a tough team, and it would take a lot to see them out of the competition at any given stage. We look forward to seeing Les Blues perform against other strong opposition. 


Current Copa America champions Argentina would be another top team to beat in the World Cup finals. After a disappointing run in Russia, Argentina would want redemption to go far and maybe do what they couldn’t do in 2014. We’ve seen how strong this team is, and if they can band together, there’s no telling what they can achieve.

With Messi in the last phase of his career, we expect that he will put on a fight to ensure that he brings home the biggest trophy in Soccer. Undoubtedly, there is still some fight left in one of the greatest soccer players of all time.


Although not as strong as the other teams, Spain is in their rebuilding stage and, compared to others, not on this list; they have a good chance to go all the way. We’ve seen the youngsters carry their nation and play beautiful football. In that case, we see them as one of the top teams to have a shot at winning the FIFA World Cup trophy in Qatar.

Bottom Line

We can’t say how far any of these teams will go, but we believe there is a chance for at least one to make it to the final. We might even get two of them to go head-to-head for the trophy in December. All in all, if you’re going to back any team, we recommend you take one of the ones listed here.

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