Think Twice Before Your Buying Your Children Today’s Smart Gadgets

Nowadays, most people have their phones, laptop or tablets. Even young kids can use smartphones easily in this generation. You will see that many kids have their smartphones or tablets. And those who don’t have demand for their one or use their parent’s smartphones. Smartphones and tablets are handy in many ways. However, on kids, smartphones and tablets have adverse effects.
Reasons Why A Responsible Parent Shouldn’t Give Smartphones To Kids
In this generation, in most families, both of the parents work. As a result, the kids remain alone in the house. To make sure kids don’t show tantrums, parents give their kids smartphones or tablets. So that they can play games and remain busy on their own, but it’s not a good thing to do because there are many disadvantages of kids having their personal smartphones or tablets.
It Can Change The Relationship Between A Child And Parents
When a child has their own smartphones or tablets, they tend to spend a lot of time on it. As a result, they don’t interact with their parents often. In their lives, smartphones become more important than spending time with parents. Studies found that kids who have smartphones or tablets from an early age will have lower self-esteem as they grow up. Even they won’t be able to make many friends.
Smartphones Become Their First Addiction.
With Technology, people can find new and exciting things. And all kids love to play games. When they have their tablets or smartphones, they will become addicted to them. Smartphones and tablets provide opportunities to kids to find new games and videos easily. However, it doesn’t reach them about self-control, impulse control and moderation.
Children Tend To Sleep Less.
Not only kids but even adults can also spend hours on their phones or tablets. As a result, both kids and adults get less time to sleep. For any kid, enough sleep is necessary for proper growth. Even when kids use smartphones for a long time continuously, it suppresses the body’s sleep hormones known as melatonin.
It Reduces A Child’s Learning Ability
Many studies came to one common conclusion about smartphones. That is, smartphones are harmful when it comes to a child’s learning ability. Smartphones are pretty distractive. Even adults get distracted by a notification. So it’s normal for a child to get distracted from studies for smartphones and tablets. Even smartphones can reduce the creativity and imagination level of a child.

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It Increases The Chances Of Mental Illness.
Internet is entire of cyberbullying. And many things on the internet is bad for developing children. And these things can lead to depression, anxiety, problematic child behaviour, attachment disorder etc.
Children Tend To Become Obese.
When children spend their time outside playing with others, they remain healthy. But due to having smartphones nowadays, children don’t play outside. As a result, they become inactive and lazy. And these two factors are the main factors behind obesity. And due to obesity, heart diseases in children is increasing.
If you want to be a responsible parent, you mustn’t give your child smartphones or tablets.


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