The Zoya Factor Review

This review is for the movie The Zoya Factor. This movie is an adaptation of a 2008 novel by Anuja Chauhan. Chauhan and Pradhuman Singh (Tere Bin Laden) are responsible for the story’s plot and direction. They deliver the feel of a light rom-com with wit and charm. While not a great film, The Zoya Factor does have some potential at the box office.

In the Indian subcontinent, cricket is considered to be a religion and the best players are regarded as gods. ‘The Zoya Factor’ attempts to strike a memorable innings in cinema history but falls short of its goal. However, its charm lies in its premise that ‘luck’ is a powerful force. While it doesn’t have the edge in its plot, it is a fun ride.

The film stars Sonam Kapoor as a junior copywriter who hates cricket. She works in an advertising agency and is thrown into an ad photo shoot with the Indian cricket team. She discovers that she’s a lucky charm and the team asks her to be their good luck charm. This, of course, leads to a surprising turn of events as India wins World Cup matches in a row!

Zoya’s love life is a mess. Her boss is sure that the team will lose without her. As a result, Nikhil gives the team a speech implying that the team doesn’t need the Zoya Factor to win. The Indian team plays well and emerges triumphant. Later, Nikhil shows up at Zoya’s home and confesses his love for her.

As a fan of cricket and Bollywood, this movie will appeal to many. It’s also a great example of how Bollywood and cricket can co-exist and make an incredibly likable film. Dulquer Salmaan, who plays Indian skipper Nikhil Khoda, has the perfect balance of charm and aloofness. And while many of the supporting actors are fine, Sonam overacts in a number of scenes.

The film is an entertaining and engrossing comedy that pits luck and strategy against superstitions. While it’s based on a novel by Anuja Chauhan, the screenplay by Pradhuman Singh Mall and Neha Sharma is light and effective for the most part, it’s missing that emotional touch that makes it a great film. The cast and crew give this film a decent rating, but don’t expect a movie that’s a must-see.

The story is paced nicely and it’s a great read for fans of young women’s fiction. Zoya’s three chaperones are a fun group to hang out with. Zoya’s relationship with her brother Zorovar was adorable. Finally, there’s Robin Rawal, who makes a great appearance in the book. And this book has many more to offer. If you enjoy reading romances and rom-coms, The Zoya Factor is one of the best.


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