The Race to the EPL Title: Can Liverpool Ursurp the League and Make it No. 20

The 2018/2019 season gave us a classic EPL title chase, and we had one of the greatest showdowns between two new ultimate rivals. Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp’s teams battle it out till the end, and many fans would never forget Vincent Kompany’s 70th-minute strike that gave the all-important three points at the Ethiad against Leceister.

Fortunately, we have the same exciting season this year with Liverpool and City only separated by one point with six more games to go. And like when you play at an online casino, Liverpool has a chance to take it all, but it’s out of their hands. They need one out of City’s six opponents to hand them the title. 

Therefore, with both contenders’ current schedules and teams, does Liverpool stand a chance to win the EPL this season? Continue reading to find out what we think.

Liverpool’s Remaining Matches

Liverpool’s last set of games is undoubtedly looking extremely tough, given the period and how every team is geared up for a real battle. Some are fighting for a spot in Europe, and some are fighting to stay for another season. Therefore, it will be tough for the Reds, starting with their Merseyside neighbors, who are currently battling relegation. 

Everton has always been a torn in Liverpool’s flesh over the years, and even though Everton eventually losses, it is always a struggle to beat them. And now that they have something to fight for, it will not be easy in any way for Liverpool. After that, they face rejuvenated Newcastle United. But since Newcastle is out of the relegation battle, they might not be too tough to beat.

Finally, Liverpool has to face Tottenham, who looks different under Antonio Conte. Since their Champions League dream is still alive, it is one match the Reds will find extremely tough. In conclusion, Liverpool’s remaining matches will be a problem in their chase for a 20th league title. 

City’s Last Six Games

Manchester City seems to have an easier six-game run, going by the types of teams they are set to face. Their first game of the six matches begins with Watford, a club that has more or less sealed their fate to play in the Championship next season. Even though they would try to make it difficult for the league leaders, they might not have enough firepower to stop Guardiola’s team.

Aside from Newcastle United and West Ham United, we don’t see any team that can cause problems for Manchester City in this race to the Premier League championship. Although Aston Villa is a formidable team on their good day, they haven’t been able to handle the top four teams. Therefore, they don’t look like threats to the title. However, it will be unwise to underestimate them.

In addition, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Leeds United are also teams that can cause trouble for the leaders. However, they are likely to get beaten by the strength of Pep Guardiola’s setup. 

Champions League and FA Cup Distractions

Both teams are still in the Champions League, meaning they would also have to worry about their opposition in the race for a UCL title. As a result, it might result in squad rotation, which can affect the balance, given that they both have formidable teams to face in the league. The most pressure will be on Man City as they look for their first UCL title. 

However, Liverpool is chasing a quadruple as they want to become the first team to win all four competitions available to an English team in a single season. Therefore, they have to also worry about their Final tie against Chelsea, who would be looking for revenge for the Carabao cup defeat and redemption after losing back-to-back FA Cup finals.

These distractions will play a huge role in the title race, and any slip-up would mean saying goodbye to the EPL title. 

What we think and Our Projections

The English Premier League is the most competitive of the top 5 European local leagues, and it is living up to the hype. The back and forth between the Reds and the Citizens make it one hell of a chase, and every neutral is enjoying the show from the sidelines. We will be following the league as it progresses. However, we think Manchester City will win the title this season, going by the current schedule. 

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