Teens Are Using Fake ID Card to Buy and Consume Alcohol from Departmental Stores

Alcohol is a famous and ordinary drink. Alcohol is quite harmful to both adults and teenagers. Adults can have a moderate level of Alcohol during certain events or parties. But nowadays teenagers tend to drink Alcohol. Even though it is illegal, teenagers are getting addicted to it. Drinking Alcohol is like a trend amongst teenagers. At the parties of teenagers, Alcohol became an everyday drink.
Reasons Why a Responsible Teenager Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol
Teenagers drink Alcohol for fun. But there are other silly reasons for drinking Alcohol. For example, when teenagers are going through a breakup, they think drinking alcohol can make them feel better. A lot of independence is another reason behind drinking. And if any people in the family drinks, then teens can quickly get access to Alcohol. But teenagers are not aware that long term drinking can affect them severely.
Alcohol Can Stop the Proper Development Of Brain
Teenagers are still in the developing stage. Their brains and other organs are not fully developed. As a result, Alcohol affects a teenager’s brain more than an adult’s brain. Due to regular drinking of Alcohol, areas of the brain that are involved in impulse control, learning and motivation get damaged. Alcohol also reduces the absorption of vitamin B.
And vitamin B is essential for the brain to work correctly. Damage to the brain involves symptoms such as memory problems, difficulties with balance and problems with learning.
Alcohol Causes Many Chronic Diseases
Drinking Alcohol is fun and relaxed. But not many teenagers are aware that they will have to deal with severe chronic diseases in the future. Studies found that Alcohol has severe consequences on a teenager’s health. Alcohol could damage the liver severely. Then Alcohol causes certain heart diseases, then damages the pancreas and many other organs. Even if a teenager drinks Alcohol for a long time regularly, then the chances of getting cancer are higher. Most teenagers who drink Alcohol have dementia.
Alcohol Causes Early Death.
You will see in the news that many teenagers die every day. And the reasons behind this is underage drinking. Studies found that underage drinking is the leading cause of death among teenagers. Most teenagers can drive, and drinking before driving is one of the main reasons behind severe accidents and injuries. A report once said that there are around 150,000 emergency-room for youths who face severe accidents due to drinking.
And as mentioned earlier, Alcohol is behind some serious chronic diseases. Many teenagers die every year due to these serious chronic diseases.
How To Prevent Your Child from Drinking in A Good Way
Being a responsible parent is tough. You must be aware your teen kids about underage drinking and the risks associated with it. And it is crucial to make them understand in a friendly way. Lecturing about these things make things even worse.
When your child is in a teenage phase, you should notice every single thing. If you drink, you must keep the count of the bottles that you kept in a refrigerator. If possible, quit drinking.
All teenagers must be aware of the risks behind underage drinking. In this way, they will stop drinking.


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