Stay Away from the Crowd and Spend Your Time on the Serene Beaches in Goa

Are you looking for an escapade? Then plan for an exciting trip to Goa. This is one of the best locations where you will be capable of relaxing and enjoying yourself at the same time. Plan for the best trip for your getaway. After this rewarding vacation, you will notice that you are easily able to recharge your spirits. To make your trip even more fun and relaxing, book a homestay in Goa near the beach.

Beach has the magic formula to take all your stress. Go through the list of beaches where you will be able to enjoy some relaxing alone time all by yourself.

● Sinquerim Beach

The Sinquerim beach is located at a distance of 13 km from Panji. This beach is one of the hidden treasures of Goa. The popular and intriguing Aguada, a Portuguese Fort, is situated at this location.

If you are an individual who enjoys performing water sports, this beach is for you. This beach is particularly quieter most of the season, being the best choice for your escape.

● Butterfly Beach

The Butterfly beach is located north of the Palolem beach. This particular beach is a part of the Arabian beach. The beach has received its unique name from the trait that it is situated between two mountains and the appearance resembles that of a butterfly.

If you like staying close to nature, then this particular beach is ideal for you. The beach is surrounded by forests and thick bushes all around. The weather at this particular beach is quite clear; however, the water is not that deep; therefore, if you visit this beach in the morning, you can notice several water creatures.

● Ashwem Beach

Ashwem Beach is one of the isolated beaches of Goa. This particular beach rarely witnesses any kind of crowd. Therefore, if you are looking for some alone, quiet time to sit and journal during your vacation, this is a great choice. This is also a great place to spend your afternoons painting the sky and the water.

However, one of the famous strong, attractive points of this beach is it is known to be a location where Olive Ridley Turtles visit to lay their eggs. Therefore if you are lucky, you might be able to spot a few turtles during your stay.

Wrapping Up

If you have been feeling exhausted lately and you want to make an escape from the stressful corporate life, then Goa is your best escape. If you plan a trip to Goa, this will help you to spend plenty of time with just yourself and help you reflect on the priorities of life. If you wish to stay on your own terms at a beautiful place, booking a homestay would be the best thing to do. So, now that you have the list of beaches that you should visit during your relaxing stay at Goa, it’s time to book the best homestays and plan the trip successfully.


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