Six Easiest Meals for the Freshers of Both University and Kitchen

Cooking is a chore that defies boundaries of gender. To sustain life, we all have to cook, which is an essential aspect of our daily lives. However, not everyone has a John Pierre background who can craft Gordon Ramsays out of all of us. So, here are some basic meals which one can prepare without the grand culinary knowledge of a Masterchef.

Pasta is perhaps one of the most versatile and energy-intensive meals out there. And, for the most part, one does not have to have the culinary capacity of John Oliver to make such dishes. Pasta is readily available at grocery markets, from Target to Walmart, and they have sauces pre-packaged and sold separately. No hassle of procuring tomatoes for tomato puree, with bechamel sauce and handmade fettuccine. Take one from the shelves, follow the recipes at the back of the boxes, and bring Italy to your home.

Egg salads and dishes:
Protein-rich and tastes heavenly if done right; eggs are one of the most readily available ingredients and can serve as breakfast all on its own. Finely chop up some parsley and other herbs of choice, replenishing them with tomatoes and avocados, followed by a master touch of some soft boiled eggs. One can also prepare omelettes by breaking the yolk and adding seasoning designed according to one’s taste buds.

Mac and Cheese:
This American classic is one of the most simple dishes, which does not present many hurdles for the chef preparing it. The ingredients are embedded into macaroni and cheese, and simple ingenuine touches can make this the most comforting, wholesome meal of the day. The preparation time is just going to the supermarket and following instructions.

Chopped Greek Chickpea Salad:
Although the name might provide the illusion that this dish bears 2000 years of Iliad history, chickpea salad is a healthier choice for a quick snack that can sustain a person for a long time. Olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicums, onions, and a generous serving of feta cheese, all sprinkled over generously with lemon juice, makes for a healthy heavenly combo, a merry dish.

The sweet tooth craving some delicious sugary rush? Brownies are the saviour of the day. A list of most readily available ingredients such as:
Water (boiling)
Unsweetened chocolate
Vanilla flavouring
Granulated sugar
All-purpose flour
Voila. Preheat the oven according to the requirement of your brownie recipe, and enjoy some lavish spoonfuls of chocolatey charisma, followed by shivers of delight.

The sugar cravings might persist, and the classic might be the only one who can satisfy the craving. Cookie doughs are readily sold at Walmart, Target, Costco and any other departmental store nearby. The recipes outlined behind those boxes can easily be together since the only requirements are oven settings and timing. The directions will lead to oozy, melting, ecstatic mouthfuls. And, one cannot go wrong. Have they burnt the cookies? Munch on the cookie dough.


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