Single-Use Packaging: An Effective and Economical Choice for Companies that Produce Products for Ecommerce

As far as customers’ interaction with eCommerce brands is concerned, packaging remains the most encountered element. It is important to get products from point A to B securely and effectively.

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Thanks to the development of online buying because of Covid-19, experts project that eCommerce sales globally will hit more than $5 trillion by the end of 2022.

This is good news for every online business. Though, these processes come at a price, not to mention a growing environmental effect and more packaging waste.

Packaging comprises a great portion of household waste and may continue rising along with the eCommerce sales.

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According to experts at TopPop Packaging, the best way to reserve this trend is if companies can increase their effort at choosing the right packaging, which is as good for the world as it is for every business. Fortunately, economical and effective options are available for eCommerce companies, like single-use packaging.

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What is Single-Use Packaging?

Single-use packaging is used once or just for a short time before being disposed of. Great examples of single-use packaging include:

  • Plastic cutlery
  • Straws
  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic packaging materials
  • Styrofoam takeaway containers

Why Businesses Opt for Single-Use Packaging

Most packaging items are used once before getting recycled or being sent to landfills. But plastic, instead of other materials, is attached to the single-use.

In the ideal world, plastic will not be thought of in this manner since you may always recycle it into other products, minimizing people’s dependence on virgin materials.

79% of plastic materials are recovered in the United Kingdom, making them suitable for packaging. In fact, when food products are packaged in single-use packaging, they get protected, while fresh items remain fresh for a long time.

According to some evidence, single-use packaging minimizes cost & food waste, increases the variety of products people buy, and reduces contamination risks.

So this means banning single-use packaging may make consumers expose their food as well as other products to germs by being handled or through the air.

Other Legitimate Uses

While some people will do just great without throwaway plastic materials in their everyday lives, there are a lot of legitimate uses for single-use packaging.

Take medicines, for instance, where single-use packaging is important for controlling infections. Having blood tests also needs gloves made of plastic materials. The same case applies to a plastic vial and a plastic syringe.

Although glass is usually suggested as a suitable alternative, it introduces a lot of challenges in availability, transport, and cleaning, especially in emergency circumstances where there are limited resources.

Plus, single-use packaging plays an important role when it comes to scientific research. Most scientists cringe as they have a look at their landfills in every session in their laboratories.

Final Say!

There are many ways of being economical with packaging. Usually, the best approach solely depends on the business you are running.

Whether you are running a medical laboratory or food processing company, you will need effective packaging, like single-use plastics, to save on the cost and prevent your products from contamination.

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