Self-care Pertains to Personal Growth and Betterment

Lose the fear and pride
Sometimes the only thing stopping you from becoming a better, happier you is yourself. Pride, arrogance and self-superiority can stop you from taking responsibility and doing things that would benefit your mental health, like apologizing, accepting your mistakes, forging friendships and creating a happier environment for yourself. Pride won’t keep you warm in bed when you sleep. Knowing that you did your best today to do better will.

Spend some time alone
As crucial as forging good relationships are, friends and fun can stop us from introspecting and discovering our discrepancies. We need to know who we are when no one’s looking to know ourselves. You won’t become a better version of yourself unless you know what you’re working on in your present life.

Don’t be ashamed of liking what you like
There are many fascinating things globally, from mangas, animes, music, niche sports, body art, performance art, fan-fictions etc. You can’t change what you like by force. There’s always a reason you like something you like. You see the beauty and sense in it that others might not. Please don’t be ashamed of it. Embrace it and let it teach you whatever it has. Don’t let anyone belittle you to the point where you’re embarrassed about your interests.

Work for the future you want
Know what you’re working towards and who you want to be. Work with a goal in your mind. Try not to act in ways that will make you feel pathetic and low. Put effort into your responsibilities and have a purpose.

Take care of your body.
Your physical health will strongly affect your mental health. Good hygiene and a substantial amount of sleep are essential for optimum bodily function. Eat a good diet to help with nutrition levels, complexion, skin and hair elasticity and bone health. Always remember to stay hydrated and don’t underestimate the benefits of a good walk and stretch now and then. Exercise and fresh air are both keys to good blood circulation and a robust nervous system.

Take care of your belongings.
Your things are a part of you, and you should be careful. They are there for your use and entertainment. It would help if you had your things to carry out activities you like. Treat your belongings with respect and care. After all, they’re only there to help you become better and comfort you. Could you not take your anger out on them? Use a punching bag for that if you need to.

Literature and art
Books, art and music are capable of making us better human beings. Books and art require patience and calm. About the book, it teaches us empathy and gives us ideas. Art makes us braver by teaching us that our hands and actions hold power and create. It makes us realize we can overcome many obstacles if we try again and again and be patient. Music reminds us of memories and feelings and helps us confront our pains and bask in our joys.
To eat and sleep and see is to survive. To observe, feel, think, imagine, learn and create is to live. Use your time to live genuinely.



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