Sansure: Using Technology To Promote In Vitro Diagnostics

The process of diagnosing a disease can be arduous and time-consuming. Sansure Biotech has developed a solution that can help streamline your diagnostic process by using technology!

What is In Vitro Diagnostics?

In Vitro diagnostics (IVD) is the use of technology to provide accurate and timely diagnoses of diseases or conditions in vitro. By using a variety of different tests, IVD can help health care providers better understand a patient’s health and diagnose illnesses more quickly.

IVD testing is also used to help prevent and treat diseases. With accurate information about a patient’s health, physicians can make better decisions about treatment options and monitor the patient’s progress.

Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology

With Sansure’s latest “Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology,” which uses specially modified super-paramagnetic nano-beads to absorb sample DNA/RNA, high purity nucleic acid can be obtained with just a single washing step. This nucleic acid can then be detected using magnetic beads to detect DNA/RNA amplification. With excellent anti-interference capabilities, multiple genotype coverage, good repeatability, and high sensitivity, it can achieve wide-linear range PCR detection.

Benefits of Sansure Biotech

Sansure is a company that uses technology to promote in vitro diagnostics. Sansure provides resources and tools for healthcare professionals to improve their diagnostic skills. The company also offers training and support to hospitals and clinics that use Sansure products. Sansure enables quick sample analysis, which can speed up the procedure and increase precision. This technology adds value to any diagnostic toolbox because it is also reasonably priced.


Sansure is a leading provider of in vitro diagnostics technology and services. Its product portfolio includes real-time PCR devices, rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs), and other laboratory equipment for the diagnosis of infectious diseases and cancer. By understanding Sansure’s approach, you can learn about some of the ways that technology can be used to promote innovation and improve patient care.


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