What is a Penalty Bet? Great Tips for Hunting Rewards at New88 Casino

Odds What is Penalty?? Penalty is one of the decisive free kicks in a soccer match. This form of betting offers the opportunity to change the destiny of members who are passionate about betting. So how to increase your chances of winning when playing bets? Together New888 Casino find out.

Definition kWhat is Penalty?

What is Penalty Betting?? Penalty bets are also known as penalty bets. The form of participation is based on the result of a penalty shootout in a soccer match. This type of bet is available in case two teams tie and determine the winner through a penalty shootout.

In fact, not every match you can bet on Penalty odds. In each match there will be many different factors that help the bookmaker provide appropriate betting odds. According to the Penalty rule, each team will have to take all 5 free kicks. At the same time, members will predict the total number of goals scored by the two teams.

In case the result is correct, the player bet will receive a win according to the specified unit rate. In case the 5th round ends and the winning team is still not determined, the next round will continue until the winning team is found. That’s why the result of the football match does not appear as a Draw, only win or lose.

Dealer New88 Casinos offer Penalty odds right after the start or close of a match. Therefore, the time to bet on this type of bet is quite fast. You can balance and learn to deposit money accurately.

Form of bettingPenalty is What?

Odds form is an important part of Online betting game. Depending on the form of the house, the house will bring unique strengths. Specifically:

  • Winning bet: This is a popular choice with a simple way to participate. Players only need to bet on the team that is likely to win the Penalty shot.
  • Penalty Over/Under Betting: When betting, members need to predict the total number of goals to be higher or lower than the number 7. In Over/Under betting, you do not need to care about which team the goal comes from.
  • Handicap bet: The team with higher strength will handicap the lower team to balance the scoring opportunities of the two teams.
  • Other forms of betting: You can also test a few forms such as betting on the team to score first, exact score, player to score, total score of Penalty goals.

Some popular forms of Penalty bets on the market

KWhat is Penalty? How to calculate super standard scores

Penalty bets usually appear 7 out of 10 shots made by the 2 teams. However, not every football match requires exactly 10 goals. There are also some cases where a team is 2 goals away and the Penalty process will end.

However, according to each different situation, the house will give separate results. All decisions on goals are based on the referee’s announcement. Basically, this way of playing is the same as the regular form but based on a series of kicks from the 11m mark.

Besides, players can also participate in predicting the total number of Penalty goals, the final winning team, Over/Under based on total free kicks, etc. Players need to consider and learn about the 2 participating teams. as well as how to play 11m to make a wise decision.

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What is the best way to hunt for Penalty bets?

Currently, there are many ways to bet on Penalty odds for new players to apply with the opportunity to conquer victory. Betting tips are shared and passed down by word of mouth from the elders. Specifically:

KWhat is Penalty? Choose a time

Long-time professional players all choose the time to seize the best opportunity in the second shot of the two teams. This is the time when members make predictions about the winning ability of the two teams.

KPenalty shooting ability of each team

Before lowering the Penalty bet, you need to learn about the team and the best players to take the Penalty shot. From this information, you can evaluate your kicking skills without being influenced by psychology.

Choose the right bet

In fact, active bookmakers offer many different types of bets as well as different rates. These types of bets are fixed by the unit with an average or higher bet level.

Great way to hunt for prizes from the popular Penalty betting form

However, bettors need to choose lower odds because most high odds will be very difficult to win. At the same time, you also need to have your own strategy based on your own judgment to choose the most suitable bet.


What is Penalty Betting? The form of betting has been creating attraction and special interest among bettors. Hopefully all of the above sharing will help you better understand popular forms of betting. Don’t forget to participate donkey New88 and Accompany you throughout your personal peak experience.


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