It’s All Fun and Games with Match n’ Flip’s New Updates

What do card games, mobile games, and winning real money have in common? They’re all part of AviaGames’ skill-based mobile game Match n’ Flip! The game is similar to UNO, but with a twist – players get matched based on skill and are able to win real money in free cash tournaments. The game has had some recent updates that make the experience even better! 

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The Game

People who have played UNO before will find Match n’ Flip easy to play as the two games are very similar. Players match cards based on the same color or the same number. If they can’t match cards anymore, they have to draw until they can. The game ends when the time has run out (the game lasts 3 minutes), there are no matches left, or the cards have all been matched. 

Players receive points based on how many cards they can match in a row and by beating the clock. When paired, whoever has the most points wins. Each game has different prizes. Some games offer cash prizes, and others offer tickets that can be later used towards free cash tournaments where larger amounts of cash can be won. 

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Once a player has won cash, they can securely withdraw their prize via one of the participating payment vendors like PayPal or Apple Pay. There’s no need to wait for the funds as they’ll be made available immediately!

The Updates

AviaGames always looks to improve their games for players. One common feature across all of their games is the lack of ads interrupting the gaming experience, which is very much appreciated and noticed by regular gamers. 

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New fun gameplay – New themes and obstacles are now available with this new feature. Different backgrounds are now available, and random challenges will appear at various time intervals to create more obstacles for players. Competitive players will definitely be a fan of this feature!

More games in one app – AviaGames has developed many different games, and now when players have completed a round of Match n’ Flip, they can choose to play a different game within the same app. More fun and more opportunities to win real money! You can visit here to know about the xoilac. On the other hand, you can also get more essential info on cihansemiz. Here is the best news portal lawyersupport where you can get the latest news around the world.

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Match n’ Flip – the UNO for mobile gamers

Mobile gaming has just gotten an upgrade through Match n’ Flip’s updated skill-based game! This mobile game will seem familiar to UNO players and has the opportunity for players to win real money in free cash tournaments. Match n’ Flip is a legitimate cash game where players can securely withdraw their winnings in the end.

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Additional updates to the game have only improved the user experience and created an incredibly fun and challenging card game on the phone. All players need is a phone with iOs capability, and they’re good to go! Interested players can download the game at one of the hyperlinks below. 

iOS Store | Website | Facebook


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