Is Building a PC for a Child a Good Idea?

If you were thinking of buying a desktop for your child you might want to consider either having it custom-built or building it yourself. Since this probably won’t be the most powerful of machines, this is a great opportunity to learn how to build a PC. The components for a small PC shouldn’t cost you much and you’ll have much more of a margin of error. You could make great savings too. This won’t be an option for everyone, however, and it does come with a few risks and drawbacks. So, building a PC for your child is a good idea?

Building a PC Could Save You Lots of Money

We say building a PC “could ” and not “will ” save you money because we never know what could happen during the installation. You could pick components that don’t work together and fry some of them. You could also break some of the components while trying to install them.

But if you take the time to learn about PC building and are successful, you’re almost guaranteed to save money. Computer companies will charge you a premium for labor and it’s usually not proportional to the actual amount of labor that went into building the machine. So you would expect to save at least 20% on a self-build.

Building a PC is Time Extensive

Before you think of the savings you’re going to make on your PC, however, you have to think of the time you’re going to spend building it. You’ll first have to study the components and the basics of what makes a good PC, which could take you a few days. Then you’ll have to spend a few hours finding the parts and tools and assembling the machine. Then comes the troubleshooting part. So see if the time investment is worth it before you start looking at building a PC.

Building a PC Gives You More Control

The best thing about building a PC is that you have full control over what goes in and around it. A lot of companies will bundle their computers with all sorts of accessories, and these accessories will often be of subpar quality.

Manufacturers often do this to unload stock, but when you build your PC, you get to choose the peripherals you’re going to use it for. This is especially important if this is for a child, as many of the peripherals out there aren’t made with children in mind. has a line of children-oriented and child-friendly accessories.

Building a PC is not Easy

Building a PC is a tough job. You first have to research components to make sure that they’re compatible. You also have to be familiar with things like heat guns and other PC building tools. And you need to have a certain level of manual dexterity before you even think about embarking on this type of project. So if you have any doubt about your handy skills, stay away.

Building a PC for a child could be a great or a horrible idea depending on where you’re standing. So don’t assume that one option is better than the other and do some research until you come to a decision.


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