Is a contentious divorce divorce case possible without a divorce lawyer?

According to the state laws, you are not obliged to hire a divorce lawyer to represent you in court during the proceedings. You can consult an attorney for legal advice but fight the case independently. Suppose you don’t have a divorce lawyer. In that case, you will need to appear in court, and the judge should advise you whether you have specific requirements and don’t need a lawyer. An uncontested divorce means that when both the partners mutually agree on certain grounds for divorce, you won’t need a divorce lawyer. But during a contested divorce, the situation gets a little complicated for you to deal with alone. For legal help and advice, contact the Birmingham divorce lawyer.

What is a contested divorce?

In an uncontested divorce, the partners mutually agree on the divorce agreements. So the proceedings are a lot easier. A contested divorce is just the opposite. A contested divorce case can be complicated and a legal struggle for either partner. Most of the time, the partners do not agree on terms on property sharing, marital assets, alimony, and child custody. Both partners will try hard to get the upper hand in the case. The court generally grants the advantage to the spouse with the most valid evidence and arguments in their favor.

How to win in a contested divorce?

The term “win” in a divorce can be subjective. The other factors may not be as important to someone who only wants to get out of the marriage. There will be no argument for the property if there are no shared assets or properties in the marriage. If there is no child, no argument for child custody will arise. So you must decide what “win” is for you in a divorce. Suppose you are keen to get your deserved property share or child custody. In that case, you must have proper arguments to support your interest in the court. 

Is it possible to win the case without a lawyer?

No one would deny that it is surely possible to win any case, whether it is a divorce case or not, without a lawyer. But that would require a lot of legal knowledge and knowledge of court proceedings. If you are not keen to win any property or child custody and only want to get out of the marriage, you can do it with or without an attorney. But if the case is comlicated, hire an attorney.


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