Improve Your Beginning Painting Process and Start Sketching Like a Professional by Following These Steps

Watch people’s paint.
The internet is truly unique in how we can use it to learn unique skills for free. Surround yourself with art videos and listen to good painters talk about their process and techniques. Watch people transform unsightly splotches of color into beautiful depictions of the world and imagination. Let your brain absorb the various art forms in practice all across the world.

Don’t just see, observe
To someone simply looking through art videos, the painting process is a magical one. Artists seem to create depictions out of randomly assorted blotches of paint and messy brush strokes. As an observer and practitioner, you need to go beyond that and discern their techniques. Try to listen to their voiceovers and follow their thoughts. Often they’ll mention painting concepts like ‘light over dark’, ‘highlight sparingly’ or ‘fat over lean. Keep their advice in mind. You can make a small notebook of techniques and ideas if you like.

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Even if you are mainly into painting, you really should have a basic knowledge of sketching. Sketch a few objects or portraits from time to time. Sketching will teach you about expressing curvature, light, shade and movement. Shade and shadow matter a ton in painting. Growing a near subconscious understanding of how light falls on subjects and how objects are curved is necessary for any artist. Buy a small, inexpensive sketchbook, a blender pencil or bush, a small tipped pencil eraser and some sketching graphite. It doesn’t take a lot to get into sketching.

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Lineart is important
How many times have you drawn a figure, found it disproportionate, but shrugged it off thinking you can fix it later in the painting stage? The truth is, line-art is essential, and lousy line-art will end up resulting in a lousy painting. Your painting depends on line art to a great extent. So don’t be lazy, and fix your line-art.

Colour mixing
Learn how to mix colours. Understand colour theory, the concepts of shade, tone, gradient, and warm and cool colours. If you’re painting from reference, mix your primary colours before you start. If you’re painting from imagination, it’s still good to mix a few colours and create a cohesive colour palette with which to work. Unless the colours you’re using work well together, your overall painting will look like a child’s kindergarten effort.

You can’t rush art
Art happens best when it stems from a place of deep focus and interest. The flow state refers to that mind immersed fully in the depths of the imagination and reality. People in the flow state are entirely entrenched in their work. While in this state, people can best express their feelings and thoughts through their actions.

One must relax first to allow this state to come over them. Artists must enjoy the process and not just the thought of completion. Beautiful art is created only from patience and substantial interest. Take breaks in between your work and go at it for days if you need to. But don’t rush your art ad don’t forget that you will only get better with practice and a lot of time.

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