How To Understand That Your Designer Is A Professional: 8 Recommendations

Have you decided to renovate, but don’t know how to choose a designer? What distinguishes a good specialist from an amateur? What professional qualities should he possess? After all, everything is “pro” in words, but in reality? In this article, we will share with you how to find an interior designer with whom cooperation will be high-quality and fruitful.

  1. There is experience in performing similar tasks

When choosing a designer, you will certainly have the opportunity to view a portfolio of his works. For example, if you need a chest of drawers made of natural material, then look for a company that supplies eco-furniture. If you need to decorate the entire apartment in a “modern” or “loft” style, then you simply need to choose a designer who has finished several such tasks to the end (that is, to the point where you can show the result in a photo).

Try to hire an artist who has at least one piece of work in their portfolio (ideally more) similar to what you want.

2. Specialist of a narrow profile

As many “masters” will tell you, the wider the profile of the work performed, the more professional the performer. This is completely untrue, since only units can do several types of work at a very high level. In fact, when a designer is faced with new tasks every time, he has very little time to study.

Suppose a designer designs banquet halls in a certain style for several years. So, he will be able to quickly guide you in the price of certain solutions and the best way to implement the project in the field of banquet halls.

If a designer tries to perform work in the same style for a long time, then he will be maximally qualified in that style.

3. Specifies problems and methods of solving them

It is not enough to simply look at the picture proposed by the artist in the portfolio. You need to find out the details and features that the designer had to work with. Nowadays, few people openly talk about the problems that arise at work and how to overcome them. The things of the masters are increasingly vague and do not contain specifics. It is extremely important for the client to hear the designer’s step-by-step actions, and if he made a decision, why his decision.

For example, A true professional bay area siding contractor will never shy away from an answer, but, on the contrary, will take on the job with redoubled enthusiasm.

4. He is not ashamed to admit his incompetence in some matter

When choosing an interior designer , do not buy an instant agreement to perform this or that work with high quality. As a rule, the one who, without thinking, promises to do everything without problems, gives a completely wrong result. A good craftsman will never take on a job in which he is poorly versed and always admits it. And he will also advise a specialist in the direction you need.

A designer and a builder in one person is a myth, and two good craftsmen separately are a reality.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Here, it is important not to make a mistake, choosing between a person who asks questions on every occasion, not particularly delving into the task, and a truly thoughtful professional who, before starting work, wants to understand the customer’s wishes for all 100. It is worth considering that despite the great the number of questions and clarifications,

… a good craftsman can always determine the cost of work with minimal error .

6. Accepts his mistakes and is ready to correct them

We are all human, and it is human nature to make mistakes. Therefore, it is not scary if the designer made a mistake in something, it is scary if he does not admit it. A real pro does not look for “excuses” , but looks for ways to correct inaccuracies in his work.

7. Good designers are not very advertised

Most often, real pros have neither extra time nor an urgent need to promote their site. This does not mean that if a designer advertises on the Internet, he is a bad specialist, but it also does not guarantee that he is a good one. If the designer is really good, then he will always be in demand and you will have to stand in line for his work.

8. Professionals do not sell their work, but help to find the right solution

No pro (unless he is too vain) will boast about his skills and say how good he is and how much experience he has. A true guru will first of all point out your mistakes in the questions and offer solutions for them. He will not say: “Order my services – I can do anything.”

A professional in his field will say: “If you need this result, it is better to go this way. Don’t miss this detail, it can affect this and that.” Such an approach will immediately show his interest and competence.

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