How To Play And The Rules Of The Game Of Chess

Chess is one of the most popular brain games in the world today. This is also a game that is quite dramatic and has an extremely easy way to play. However, in order to play chess in the easiest way, you need to understand how to play and the rules of this game. If you still do not fully understand how to play and the rules of the chess game, please follow our article below to better understand

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Learn about the game of chess

This is one of the games that have been around for a long time, chess originated in India then it developed and spread to all over the world.

Until now, chess is still a sport that receives a lot of support from players around the world

Guide the moves of the chess pieces

In the rules of chess, the white piece always takes precedence. Below are the pieces in the chessboard and how each piece moves.

A chess set will have 32 pieces evenly divided into 2 similar small sets, each side will have 16 pieces including: 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 net pieces, 1 king and 1 piece. queen (white and black) so that 2 players can fight each other. According to the rules of chess, the white side will take precedence. Here are the moves of the pieces in the chess set, let’s find out

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The Pawn in chess is the smallest piece, the weakest initial strength and always stands at the front to protect the large pieces behind. Every chess player begins by moving a pawn. Each side will have 8 moving pawns.

The Pawn is the simplest piece, its move is simply to move forward until it reaches the end of the board and is promoted to other higher level pieces (like queen, knight, rook, etc.) statue).

The pawn is considered the weakest piece in the chess set, it is placed in the upper row to protect the away piece. The pawn is considered the strongest when it reaches the last square on the chessboard and is ranked as one of the pieces (queen, rook, knight, statue).

The moves of the pawn are as follows: first the pawn can move 1 shot 2 squares forward in a straight line, the moves after each pawn can only move one square at a time and the pawn will take other pawns diagonally 1 square away from the pawn’s position

When a pawn is blocked by an opponent’s piece, you need to find a way to capture that piece before the pawn can continue to move

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Chariot, Rook

The rook is considered to be one of the most powerful pieces in the chess board. It can go diagonally or horizontally as many cells as the player. And if all the opponent’s chess pieces are facing the rook, the rook can be eaten

What is more special is that the car and the champion can move at the same time while in the castle water


In the game of chess, the Horse usually has the most creative opportunities. This is also an army with many unique playing tactics, which can defeat the opponent in a melancholy way.

The Knight can move in an L shape, can move forward, backward, left or right. The Knight can jump over other pieces and is often used in the center of the chessboard because it is the first piece that can advance to this area.

The Horse can attack another piece without fear of being eaten back. The Knight has a different way of moving than the other pieces. So the Horse can overcome the weaknesses of the other pieces


The bishop is allowed to move diagonally and can move as many squares as the player wants and can eat any piece in its path.

This is also another strong piece in the chess set, but at the beginning of the game or too many pawns lying on the board, it also limits its strength


This is the most powerful piece in the chess board. Its moves are similar to the moves of rooks and nets. That’s why the queen is always arranged to protect the King

The quintessence of the queen in the chessboard is the knight, the knight can eat the queen, but the queen is very difficult to eat. If you have destroyed all of the opponent’s knights, the power of the queen will increase


The king is the most important piece in the chess board, if the king is eaten by the opponent, you will be the loser. The king is considered the weakest piece in the chessboard from moving to eating the opponent’s piece, the king is only allowed to move one square at a time in a horizontal or horizontal row, that’s why you have to find Do everything possible to protect the king

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The King cannot move to a country where it is checked by a checkmate. The king can move 3 squares and swap places for the rook. Many players also use the king to set traps and eat the opponent’s piece, but still have to use the king to be safe. Usually, to keep the King safe, players will corner the King so that they are least susceptible to attack

Share your chess strategy

Here are some strategies in the game of chess applied by many players, you can refer to:

To be able to win a game of chess, you need to have your own tactics and fighting experience. If you do not have those elements, please refer to our guide

Good control of the central area

On a chess board, the 4 squares in the middle of the board are the 4 most valuable squares. At the beginning of the game, pay attention to the 4 squares in the middle. If the center is well controlled, you will have many advantages over the opponent.

The center area is the key for you to defeat quickly and easily. That’s why you need to keep this in mind, if you control this point well, it will be very difficult for the opponent to defeat you.

Force development

In a game of chess, you need to calculate carefully to make moves so that you can both defend and attack the opponent, making the opponent surprised and unable to resist.

Understand the value of each piece

You need to understand the importance of the pieces and make the most reasonable decisions. From there, you can easily win against your opponent

•         King – King (if the king is captured, the chess is lost)

•         Queen – Queen = 9

•         Rook – Rook = 5

•         Bishop – Bishop = 3

•         Knight – Knight = 3

•         Pawn – Pawn = 1

Guide to the Rules of Chess

If you are a beginner in chess, in addition to understanding how each piece moves, there are other rules that you need to know as follows:

Before you want to play chess, you need to learn carefully about the rules of this game in order to gain an advantage over your opponent. If you do not understand anything about the rules of chess, you can refer to our guide

The Law of Entering City

The rule of the castle is the way that the player changes the position of the champion with the vehicle in case the champion is being screened without any movement. To be able to perform the castle, there is no chess piece between the rook and the general

  • This is the first move of both the King and the Rook
  • There is no piece between these 2 pieces
  • The King has not been screened or has escaped

Law of Promotion for pawns

This rule is applied when the pawn has moved to the last square of the opponent’s chessboard, then the pawn will be ranked up to whatever chess the player wants except the king.

Law on Checking Prime Minister and Checking Secrets

The purpose of this game is to match the king. When the king is checked, you will have to get rid of it in 3 ways as follows:

To be able to win in this game, you need to calculate the perfect fit to make moves that make the opponent’s king no way out. When the king is checked, you will have to get rid of it in 3 ways as follows

  • Move away from the checkmate even if you can’t enter the castle
  • Use other troops to defend
  • Eat troops to threaten checkmate
  • If the King can’t escape the checkmate, it’s considered a loss

Law of Draw

When in a game where 2 players cannot win, this rule will be applied according to the options

  • The game is in a stalemate position, which means that the King is not checked but cannot move any other pieces
  • Both players decide to draw
  • There are not enough pieces to perform checkerboarding
  • When a position is repeated 3 times
  • In 50 moves no player moves a Pawn or takes a piece

How to download chess games for free on your computer

If you want to download chess to your phone, you only need to visit the game store to download this game and try it with other players, all chess versions have rules. and the gameplay is similar

If you want to download chess game to your computer, just click on the link below to be able to download this game to your computer and unzip it to play.

Above is a guide on how to play and the rules of chess that we want to send to all members of Nhà cái Jun88. Hope the article will help you in your search for information about this game. Have fun playing the game


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