How To Pack Quickly For A Move; Quick Packing Tips To Follow

When most people picture packing to move home, they envision the process starting weeks in advance. This allows the right time for the process to go smoothly, and also allows for the selling of items that are no longer wanted or needed via garage sales or the internet.

However, there are many occasions where you may need to move home quickly. This can be due to financial issues, or your area being evacuated due to weather conditions or may be linked to more troublesome factors. But, whatever the cause, if you need to move quickly, you need to avoid chaos as much as possible, to ensure that all the items that you want to keep are kept and that nothing important is left behind.

So, how can you pack as quickly as possible? Are there any tips for making the process easier? Read on to find out!

Start now!

Start the packing as soon as you can. Don’t leave it until after dinner or lunch, as that can cause things to pile up.

Also, while you and others are packing, be sure to look for movers who can help you. In the case of an emergency or same-day move, you will want to look for same day movers like Father and Son. This will ensure that you have the space to move all of your treasured items, without having to pack them into the back of your car, where space may be tight.

Follow A Checklist

This is something that a lot of people avoid and end up regretting in the long term. Why? Because if you don’t have a checklist to follow, how can you be sure that you have packed everything that you need?

Jot a basic list of must-have items that have to go with you, like your passport, paperwork, bank cards, credit cards, etc. Then, make sure they are packed and on their way to your new home. To save time, check them off as you pack them and label the bags or boxes that they are put into.

Make Sure it’s Legal!

Obviously, if you are moving a great distance in a short time and need to pass into a different state, you will need to declare certain items. It is also worth noting that some things that you may have in your home may not be legal in other states. So, to avoid hassle when you cross state lines, make sure that everything you pack is legal.

Set Up A Packing Room or Station

If there are multiple people packing, this process can be a lot smoother. As one of you goes through the house, items are passed to someone else who then puts them into boxes or bags. But make sure that this is all done in a set location which is determined as soon as possible, such as the kitchen table or the hallway. That way, only the essential items will be packed.

Be Realistic

Whatever the cause of the emergency move is, you need to be aware that you have to be realistic. This means that you need to accept that some items will be left behind and that you may have to pass some belongings on to neighbors. Also, be aware of how much you can pack or fit into your car, or removal van.


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