How to Know a Personal Injury Lawyer Will be Able to Help You

Nobody deserves to go through a personal injury lawsuit alone.  If you’ve been hurt and you want the compensation you deserve, you’ll need a good lawyer on your side that will fight for you and give you everything that you need to cover your injury and recovery.

These are the top ways to recognize a lawyer that will do anything to help you and why it’s important to find one like this.

They Have a Good Track Record

Does your lawyer have a good track record?  How many times do they win their cases, and how often do they settle?  Currently, only ten percent of personal injury cases go to court, and of those- only another 10% will win their cases.

Keep track of what cases they’ve settled, which they’ve lost, and how much money was made out of these cases if it’s public record.  

They Listen to Your Concerns

Your personal injury lawyer isn’t your therapist: but they should listen to your concerns, pains, and descriptions of what happened to you while you’re talking to them.  Not only does this show they’re taking an interest in you and your lawsuit, but it also helps them gather information so they can hopefully put together a winning case for you.

They’ve Handled Cases Like Yours.

Has the lawyer you’re interviewing handled cases similar to yours in the past?  If so, how did those turn out?  Although you may think any lawyer can fight on your side: it’s vital that you find someone who specializes in insurance and personal injury law.  They’ll know exactly how much they can get you, what tricks insurance companies will do to pay you less, and what amount you should accept a settlement at.  

They Deeply Understand the Issue

Does this lawyer understand the reason why the insurance company is wrong?  When you talk to them, are they able to discuss it comfortably and point out a clear argument why the insurance company should pay you, or does it seem like they’re unsure?  Confidence is a must in the courtroom because it often creates a visual bias of someone who knows what they’re doing and fights to get their clients what they deserve.  When you talk to your lawyer, does it feel like they have a wealth of knowledge on this topic?

They’re Willing to Represent You Under A Contingency Fee Arrangement

Although every lawyer will work hard to win the case they’re working on: nothing shows an attorney has faith in their ability to win a case better than them willing to take it on with a contingency fee arrangement.  This arrangement sets it so that they will work for you without pay unless you win or settle to an amount you want.  This saves you from the risk of even more debt while giving you a lawyer who will fight for you.

You Deserve A Lawyer That Will Win

Everyone deserves a lawyer that will give the case their all.  Make sure your lawyer has all of the above before you move forward with hiring them.


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