How to choose a gate for a private house?

Design is an important, but not the only factor when choosing a gate. We will analyze all the technical nuances of the choice from the experience of sellers, manufacturers and buyers. From the photo, you can get an idea of ​​what the entrance to your estate will look like.

Entrance gate of a country house: materials, construction, opening

The first thing that catches the eye is, of course, the material. Iron gates are the most common. Thanks to the qualities of the metal, it was possible to create the most reliable and practical type of construction.

Metal gates for your own home are chosen according to the following criteria:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • solid and attractive appearance;
  • the highest safety indicators.

The entrance gate group always looks presentable and stylish. The presence of such a gate emphasizes the taste and uniqueness of the territory. Entrance gates are divided into two subspecies: swing and roll-back. Although they belong to the same group, their designs are completely different. Their peculiarity lies precisely in this differentiation.

Swing gates are more effective and look presentable. They move the sashes either in the yard or outside thanks to automation. But if you need to choose between two types of entrance gates, first you need to understand how they are arranged, what advantages and disadvantages they have.

The most popular type of entrance gate. They are installed more often because the working mechanism is clear and familiar. It is much more convenient to operate swing gates automatically than manually. There is a leaf on each side of the fence, and when the automatic drive is started, it opens and closes the leaves. Swing gates can be opened both outwards and inwards. They are affordable and the operation of such gates is reliable regardless of the components. You can install swing gates at the entrance to the yard, and under the garage you should consider options for garage sectional gates.

Retractable gates – have the main advantage — they are compact, modern and do not require additional space around, but on the contrary, they roll smoothly along the fence or wall.

Retractable gates: features

The gate mechanism is arranged in such a way that it is mounted below on a guide along which it will move with the help of rollers. The fixed sash of the canvas rolls along the guide and opens and closes the opening. This type of design makes it possible to save space. This gives the sliding gate a “plus”. With prolonged stagnation, the gate does not lose its working resource. They are like a faithful soldier – always in formation. Another advantage of the gate is its resistance to high wind loads. If you live in a windy region, the gate can become your protection in any weather. During heavy snowfall, the gate will work like clockwork. It is not necessary to clear the road for them, because they will pass through snowdrifts without hindrance.

What are the pros and cons of these types of gates?

As for swing gates, their advantages fully justify the disadvantages. But it is worth paying attention that what is considered a disadvantage for one client is an advantage for another. So, from the “pluses” it is worth noting:

– a large selection of fillings and types of structures;

– easy to operate and maintain – you don’t need to buy accessories for them;

– the foundation can be any, it does not affect the installation of the gate.

The pros are already more than enough to make an order. But it is worth considering the other side – the disadvantages:

– need additional space to carry out opening and closing cycles;

during heavy snowfalls, it is necessary to clear the working area for swing gates;

reducing the drive-in radius for the car

The advantages of the entrance gate group are much more than the disadvantages, unequivocally. To begin with, consider the advantages of sliding gates:

– take up a minimum of space;

– strength and resistance of the material to corrosion, weather conditions and wind;

– the unimpeded movement of the gate, if the guides are covered with snow;

– the possibility to equip the gate with an automatic electric drive.

From the shortcomings of the design, only a few points can be highlighted:

– it is necessary to have a strong concrete foundation for the installation of sliding gates;

– in addition, for proper operation, it is necessary to install console accessories.

A wicket is a mandatory addition

If you have already thought through all aspects of buying a gate, it is time to remember one more thing. The wicket must meet the same requirements as the gate. Its decorative and protective qualities must also be at a high level.

Be sure to think about the comfort of guests who come on foot. It is inconvenient to use the gate leaves every time, so a gate is installed in one of them or next to it.

The second option is more reliable and practical, besides, it is suitable for various gate structures, and the gate cannot be installed in the retractable models.

The built-in gate has several disadvantages:

  • the threshold that remains below;
  • it is often inconvenient to enter it, especially for tall or massive people;
  • the width of the opening is significantly limited.

A stand-alone wicket

Deprived of the disadvantages of a built-in gate, the width can be any. A large person with heavy objects in both hands should pass through it.

It can complement the design solution of the gate and fence of your outbuilding.

Structurally, it consists of external and internal frames, cladding, hinges, a lock and a limiting plate.

When choosing a gate, you must first of all pay attention to the location. The operational zone of the gate must correspond to the design characteristics. For example, rolling gates can withstand the strongest gust of wind, due to the presence of a reinforced component – a metal frame. The frame supports the dense gate web and resists wind heating.

Meanwhile, swing gates do not resist wind loads as much as sliding gates. The canvases of swing gates may not close the first time with strong wind resistance. Therefore, they are chosen for regions with less wind load.

More than half of customers are always interested in the same question: “Do they make noise when they work?”. Retractable gates make a certain noise due to the launch of the rail that moves the web. The gates emit a minimum of sounds, because the automation for swing gates does not require additional components and rails.

Each type of automatic entrance gate can be put into operation during a power outage. If you are afraid that after installing automation, you will no longer be able to open the gate manually, this is not true. Retractable and swing gates have the function of manual unlocking of the drive for such cases. These are structures that have a safe operating mechanism and withstand various types of loads. It is difficult to determine which of the types of gates is the best, because each customer individually selects advantages and disadvantages for himself. But about the definition of objects that move during the operation of the gate, the retractable ones win in this regard. The trajectory of the canvas significantly saves space in the depth of the object’s territory.

Opening options

This factor is one of the main ones not only when choosing, but also in forming the price. The method of opening the gates can be:

  • mechanical – open the gate manually.
  • Automatic – gates are opened by motors, which provides additional comfort.

The second option is suitable for both retractable and hinged models. The main material of the sashes will also not be a problem when installing automation. Such purchases are rarely made, so it is better to trust the opinion of professionals and buy the system that the specialist advises.

Many factors should be taken into account when placing an order. To decide which gate is better: swing or roll-back, you should take into account the features of the site, the material and parameters of the canvas, the need for automation, and other details. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is better to order a free cost estimate and get advice from Sacramento Wrought Iron.


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