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How To Check Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size

Profile picture is what people first view in any person’s profile. Profile pictures are vital for many reasons. That’s the only way you could whom that account belongs to, especially with fancy account names doing rounds which are not recognizable. But due to Instagram’s security features you are not able to view any person’s profile picture in full view. Now clicking on that profile icon hundreds of times would not help, but what would certainly turn out to be of help is using certain tricks to view someone’s profile picture.

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You might be having dozens of follow requests, but how do you make out it’s from a person you know or not when you have no medium to view other persons profile pictures. Now zooming in is no option. To overcome Instagram’s security feature over the profile there are 2 straight methods:

Method 1 (viewing profile directly through Instagram on the browser):

  1. To view a full size Instagram profile picture without compromising on the quality of the image open Instagram on a browser.
  2. Now navigate to the search bar and search for the user name who’s profile picture you want to see.
  3. Open that person’s profile picture and copy the URL that is being displayed on the browser.
  4. Now in the address bar append the URL and add media/?size=1 at the end.
  5. Click on enter, the picture opens up in full size for you to view.

Method 2(using third party application):

You can find much third party software and applications online. These provide online assistance or you can even download an app to do the same for you. They provide you multiple resolution options along with the option of saving the picture for later use. You need to just follow these simple steps:

  1. First open your Instagram account on your device and navigate to the profile whose profile picture you want to view.
  2. Now copy the username of the person and move out of the app.
  3. Now you can use two options: either you can find an online app through the Play Store or use an online application like Insta Zoom.
  4. These applications support viewing and downloading of profile pictures.
  5. You will see a search bar when you open the software or website, now paste the user name that you had copied earlier into the search bar to see results.visit here to know more information :
  6. The application asks you for your choice of resolution, in which you want to view the image, select a desired resolution and click ok.
  7. The profile picture opens in the desired resolution and in full size.
  8. You can find an option to download flashing on the screen, just click on this button to download the picture for later use.
  9. You can even choose the perfect resolution and size in which you want to download the here for  more :

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