Fun88 promotion for online bookie gamers

Fun88 launched players very early on the online betting market. The bookie has a series of Fun88 promotions with bonus rates of up to hundreds of millions of dong. Here are some extremely attractive promotions players should refer to.

1. Lucky SABA sports bet ticket at Fun88 promotion

This promotion program of the house Fun88, players will have the opportunity to receive up to 10,888,000 VND. The time to apply the reward program for this form of the house Fun88 lasts until July 30, 2023. Applicable to 1000 new and existing members of the Fun88 house.

To be able to receive this Fun88 promotion bonus, players must meet the following conditions:

Minimum deposit at least 500,000 VND/week

Minimum bet for the week must be over 300,000 VND.

It is mandatory for bet tickets to have at least 2 digits ending in 8 or more. The greater the number of 8s, the greater the player’s bonus.

All-time great SABA sports bets

2. Instant bets are immediately refunded at Fun88 promotion

This form is valid until December 31, 2023 and applies to all members of the Fun88 house. And this form will only be counted for parlay bets at CMD sports ground. The payback rate of this Fun88 promotion is 2% and is refunded the day after bet settlement.

2.1ESports Sportsbook Signup Bonus

Fun88 members will have a chance to get 150% bonus up to 6000,000 VND. And note that this Fun88 promotion will only apply to members participating in ESport for the first time. The condition to be able to receive the bonus is that the player must bet 18 times the amount of the initial deposit. Example: Player deposits into his account 100,000 VND, to be able to receive the bonus amount, the player must bet enough 18,000,000 VND.

Super deals up to 150%

2.2Summer Promotion 2023 – Exciting fun

This program will only be applied to selected members of the Fun88 house. Selected members must fully meet the following requirements:

Love sports betting

Active for at least 20 days in June 2023

Having a deposit amount from 1 million VND and a turnover of at least 10,000,000 VND.

At Fun88 promotions, there will be events such as:

Weekly Magic Tournament: Applicable to all online casino lobby.

Daily promotion event: To receive the offer, players just need to go to the “Everyday bonus” section to click receive the reward. And each member will only be able to receive the offer once per day.

2.3 Refund lost at lottery every week at Fun88 promotion

This is an extremely special promotion program of Fun88 promotion that not all online bookmakers have. 5% of the player’s loss at Fun88 Lottery will be refunded to the member within the week. The minimum refund amount is 5000 VND and the maximum is 200,000 VND. Note that this form will only apply to lottery products of the Vietnamese market.

3.Features of Fun88 super promotions

Although every bookie has super promotions, not all bookmakers can do it to get Fun88’s offers.

Xem : khuyến mãi Fun88

3.1 Huge amount of bonus from Fun88 promotion

Each promotion program will have a different bonus coefficient at Fun88. The more bonuses, the more attractive and desirable players are to receive those offers. The total value of Fun88 house promotions can be up to hundreds of millions of dong.

3.2 Fun88 promotions are updated regularly

At any time at Fun88, there are promotions for players. Daily, weekly players can participate to receive rewards. And all those notifications will be displayed continuously for players to grasp the time to receive rewards.

3.3 Diversity of Fun88 promotions

Almost every betting lobby at Fun88 is also offered a preferential program by the house. Players will feel extremely attractive when in addition to receiving money when winning. Players will also receive bonuses for each game lobby that they bet on.

Fun88 promotion is a program in the development strategy of the online bookie today. There are also many other super promotions at the Fun88 house as well as outstanding features of the programs. Any gamer of the Fun88 house can have the opportunity to receive these special offers.


The above shares hope that players will learn more about Fun88 promotions. This is an extremely attractive reward program and has the opportunity to receive great rewards from Fun88.


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