Feminine Hygiene Products That All Women Must Memorize for their Safety Issue

Feminine hygiene products refer to women’s care items which include menstrual hygiene products. Feminine hygiene helps to ensure a healthy body and maintain overall health. Feminine hygiene should be a part of our regular hygiene rituals. Recently, various types of feminine hygiene products are available, facilitating the maintenance to clean intimate areas.

Types of feminine hygiene products
Feminine hygiene products come in two types, either disposable or reusable.

Tampons- 70% of women in the USA use tampons during menstruation. It comes with different absorbance levels. It is designed to be placed internally, which then expands as it absorbs the menstrual flow. Tampons are swim-safe and are travel friendly.

Sanitary Napkins- sanitary pads are worn along with underwear. It comes with or without wings and is available in different sizes for light flow and heavy flow. It is super reliable and can hold for up to 8 hours.

Pantyliners- pantyliners are usually a thin piece of pad material used by peeling off the adhesive to place it inside the gusset of underwear. It gives temporary protection for any sudden discharge, light period flow and extra protection during menstruation days. It is incredibly comfortable to use.

Menstrual Cups- Menstrual cups are made of silicone and are designed to be flexible and funnel-shaped. They come in smaller and larger sizes depending on the rate of flow for women of different ages. These cups are promoted to be eco friendly and pocket saving as it is reusable and safe.

Menstrual Clothing Pads- clothing pads Remade of biodegradable materials which are environmentally friendly as it is considered to produce less waste relatively.

Sponges- A menstrual sponge can be an excellent alternative to tampons. They are easy to use and are inserted inside to soak up the flow, which we can use for up to 8 hours.
There is the availability of various feminine washes too. The purpose is it simply cleanses the vulva and is designed to maintain a perfect pH balance and choose those products which do not contain harmful chemicals that are harsh enough to irritate the sensitive skin leading to allergic reactions.

Crisis of Feminine Hygiene
Although many women are now well aware of the benefits and correct use of different feminine hygiene products, a percentage of women face difficulties obtaining them monthly or don’t know the proper use of these products. Unfortunately, in the Missouri city of Usa, nearly 2/3rd of women can’t afford these feminine hygiene products. Some St.Louis University researchers conducted a survey that showed women who lack access to feminine hygiene products use dirty napkins, pieces of clothes, and toilet paper. And nearly 50% of women have to choose food over hygiene products because of financial difficulties.
Risk associating improper feminine hygiene
Due to society’s lack of knowledge about hygiene, many women do not give enough attention to their hygiene. It results in serious health issues such as vaginal irritation, bacterial infection, yeast infection.

So maintaining a proper feminine hygiene routine is essential to the empowerment and well being of women of all ages.


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