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As security concerns continue to rise in various industries today, entry management has become a critical aspect of any organization’s physical security strategy. With the increasing need for automation and digitization, many organizations are now turning to sophisticated entry management systems to improve access control and enhance security. One particular product gaining strong momentum in the entry management industry is the half height turnstile, which has several benefits for organizations.

What is a Half Height Turnstile?

A half height turnstile is a type of entry management system that restricts access to specific areas of a building. These turnstiles stand approximately waist-high and are widely used in high-traffic environments such as stadiums, factories, and offices. They are designed to prevent unauthorized access, minimize tailgating, and enhance security at entrance points.

Benefits of a Half Height Turnstile

Improved Security and Access Control

One of the primary benefits of a half height turnstile is improved security. They act as a physical barrier, preventing unauthorized access to specific areas of a building. Access is granted only to authorized personnel with the use of access control devices such as ID cards, biometric scanners, or a pin code input. The combination of a half height turnstile with an access control device provides an extra layer of security by ensuring only authorized personnel gain entry into the building.

Prevent Tailgating

A half height turnstile is effective in preventing tailgating, where an unauthorized person follows an authorized person through an access point without proper identification. These systems are designed to allow only one person at a time to pass through the turnstile. In cases where someone attempts to tailgate, an alarm will be triggered, and the turnstile will lock until security personnel intervene.

Ease of Integration

Half height turnstiles can be easily integrated with other security systems in a building. They can be linked to an access control system to provide a comprehensive security solution that enhances the overall security of the facility. In addition, they can be linked with security cameras to provide real-time monitoring and visibility of who is accessing various areas of the building. 


Half height turnstiles are highly customizable to fit specific needs. They can be customized to meet the unique security needs of a particular organization or facility. For instance, a half height turnstile can be customized to provide wheelchair access or multiple lanes for peak traffic periods.


Entry management is an essential aspect of today’s organizations’ physical security, and half height turnstiles are the entry management product gaining strong momentum across various industries. The use of half height turnstiles offers many benefits to organizations, including improved security and access control, preventing tailgating, ease of integration, and customizable solutions. Half height turnstiles can integrate with other security systems in a building, such as surveillance cameras and access control devices, to provide a complete, secure solution. As organizations continue to adopt automation and digitization, half height turnstiles will become a more significant part of their physical security strategy, ensuring better security practices, and enhancing overall access control.


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