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Is Silvina Mojica Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend? If so, we have all wondered. The 26-year-old model is a highly-respected social media influencer. Portnoy is the founder of the popular Barstool blog. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan. Silvina is an American native. Nevertheless, Portnoy has yet to confirm her relationship status.

Silvana Mojica is Dave Portnoy’s first girlfriend. The two became romantically involved in March of last year. Silvana shared a photo of the two in Miami on her social media pages. In the meantime, fans have speculated that the two were dating. However, there’s no official confirmation of that. Dave and Silvana are still dating. It would be interesting to find out if Silvana is actually his girlfriend.

Silvana Mojica is Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend. The model, 26, has been his long-term girlfriend. She’s been photographed with him in many prestigious events. Her social media accounts are full of pictures of the two. Her resume also reveals that she is a versatile accountant and social media influencer. Dave Portnoy and Silvana are a couple in love. But what is her net worth?

Silvana Mojica is an American model and social media influencer. She has been featured on numerous magazine covers and front pages. Her relationship with Dave Portnoy is healthy. The couple met in March and were photographed at Miami’s hotspot Komodo. Silvana Mojica and Dave Portnoy have yet to publicly announce their relationship, but we’re unsure of the extent of their romance.

Silvana Mojica is a marketing assistant, model, and fashion stylist who was recently linked to Dave Portnoy. The model has an estimated net worth of $8 million. She was previously dating another star, Shannon St. Clair, but later he moved on to Silvana Mojica. She’s also active on Instagram and has a username of @silvanamojica. It’s unclear how serious their relationship is, but there’s no denying Silvana’s burgeoning fame.

Silvana Mojica has been spotted spending time with Portnove, the owner of the Barstool Sports brand. She’s a model by profession and a social media marketing assistant for an apparel company in Miami. Silvana Mojica is also known to have a very active Instagram account, followed by 217 accounts. The couple has been dating for quite a while, and we’re anxiously awaiting a public announcement.

Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend Silvana Mojica is not a white woman, but is of mixed race. She has been dated by Connor McKenzie in the past and shared several photos of them on social media. Silvana loves to watch horse races and enjoys traveling with her friends. Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend has a sister, Valeria Mojica. In addition to Silvana Mojica, she also has a dog named Axel.


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