Cultural tour in Bhutan with DrukAsia tours and treks. 

Bhutan is an isolated and landlocked country located in the Himalayan Mountains of South Asia. Its culture is deeply rooted in traditional Buddhist beliefs and has been called one of the last remaining “Shangri-La” societies on Earth.  Bhutanese culture follows traditional values of national dress, music, dance, art, architecture, and cuisine. Bhutanese national dress, for example, is one of the most recognized national icons worn with pride by both men and women and has remained virtually unchanged for centuries.  Music, dance, art and more modern forms of expression also complement and enrich Bhutanese culture, while Bhutanese cuisine includes the blending of Tibetan, Indian, and Nepalese flavors.

Bhutan has Its own diversity, a tradition that they have been following for hundreds of years. Bhutanese people believe in peace and spirituality. Their lifestyle influences their culture. 

Are you someone who enjoys different cultures and is curious to explore Bhutan’s culture? 

Then we highly suggest you check out DrukAsia Tours and Treks. 

DrukAsia is a tour guide agency. They have been licensed and working since 2009. They are under DrukAir, an operating airline operator in the kingdom of Bhutan. They are working with amazing and Knowledgeable teams. Their teams know what they are doing in their job field. They try their best to provide their tourist with quality service. Their goal is to make their tourists comfortable in Bhutan. They are pleased to give services to the people who want to enjoy Bhutan. Their friendly behavior will make you feel at ease. 

To make everything easier for you they also help you with Visa handling, booking air tickets and hotel stays as well. 

They have various Bhutan tour packages

you can choose them according to your wish. They have also created Bhutan cultural tour packages

The packages are – 

7 days bhutan tour with Haa Valley – 

This involves the green valley of Paro, their capital Thimphu and the old capital Punakha. 

8 days magical Bhutan travel plan – 

It covers from the East to the west side of Bhutan. Which makes you fall in love magically with Bhutan’s beauty. 

11 day cultural tour travel plan – 

In this package, you will be able to witness paper making, a day trek to tango goemba and a picnic by a river. 

4 days discover Bhutan – 

It is a short package for those who do not have time but still want to enjoy Bhutan.  

15 days east to west cultural tour and flight to Yonphula – 

In this package, you can travel by Bhutan’s domestic flight and have a complete tour of all Bhutan tour places. 

6 days 5 nights Chinese new year – 

It is a good way to enjoy the Chinese New Year in Bhutan. 

7 days Bhutan glamping tour – 

Glamping is a term for camping that is done in a glamorous way. This is very popular these days among travelers. And there is nothing better than enjoying glamping in Bhutan.

DrukAsia will Make your Travel in Bhutan simpler with their skilled teams and services. You Should also check their other packages as well. Their contact list is provided on their website. 


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