Changing the Narrative around Disabilities

Disabilities can certainly hold people back, but a lot of that holding back isn’t just physical but mental and emotional as well. It can be hard to see your peers around you without the same problems and as a disabled person you might feel at times there is no hope for you. Though there is a lot more awareness today about making room for people with special needs society for the most part is still not fully aware of how disabled people feel and interact with the world. As a result of this gap in the average person’s understanding they may underestimate the capabilities of disabled individuals and perpetuate this notion of underestimation even among the disabled they care for or interact with.

The way a disabled person is made to feel can have a significant impact on their health. In order to highlight disability issues many disabled vloggers have taken to YouTube to poke fun at, show off their skills and create awareness about the issues they face. Such YouTubers and their channels can do a great deal of good for viewers: both abled and disabled/ How? For those with disabilities they are able to find people who they can relate to and who are still living their “best life.” As regards those who are able-bodied, they can come to better understand the challenges that those who are different from them face to build a more inclusive environment.

Now that we have briefly talked about the advantages of learning more about the experiences of disabled peoples you are probably itching to check out the channels of disabled vloggers. And we don’t want to disappoint you after developing your interest in the matter which is why we are going to share a list of the top 11 YouTube channels run by disabled peoples: For more information visit this site: f95zone

1. Connor Ward

The YouTube channel named after its creator, Connor Ward deals with issues of autism. Connor is an autistic person who aims to create awareness regarding this disability by providing insight to others about his life as an autistic person and the ways in which people can help those who they know with a similar condition. However, Connor does not just focus on autism he also sets a great example when it comes to showing how autism need not hold anyone back. How?

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Connor is more than a disability label. He creates content and reviews shows and movies as well. One of his more interesting discussions is divided into 5 parts and is centered around how social media has influenced the way we navigate relationships with others in relation to what is known as the creator/viewer divide.

If anything Connor is the first in this piece to make us understand the power of a good internet connection, such as CenturyLink internet, in how those who have disabilities can still contribute much to the world.

2. WaistHighView

Epsen Johnson suffers from Morquio Syndrome- a very rare genetic condition that affects the bones and physical body. However, Epsen does not treats things as though there is only gloom and doom left in the world. In fact, he is quite the opposite and is sure to get a laugh out of anyone. He is good-natured and takes a humorous approach to his life which is a good lesson for all us: disability or not, to take tread life a little more lightly.

Epsen reminds us of old-school Youtubers as his videos aren’t overly edited and still give the organic feel of a person talking to a camera with some rough sketches and special effects to enhance the funny aspects of his video. He also has a great video on how he changed the nature of his relationship to his disability in a way that was healthier. He explains how the narrative of “fighting” a disability was actually working against him and how he eventually came to embrace and accept his disability as not some separate monster but as something that was a part of him. In doing so he was able to ease into himself as his energy was no longer focused on “fighting” his disability but rather was focused towards things he could do and enjoys doing.

So if you’re looking to learn about Morquio Syndrome without all the stigma attached to it then this is the go-to channel for you.

3. Jordan Bone

Once again this is a channel named after its wonderful creator, Jordan Bone. Jordan is a young woman who suffers with partial paralysis and is quardrilepgic ever since she was in a terrible car accident. There are some basic tasks that she can no longer perform for herself such as changing her clothes or showering, but she explains how she grew to adapt to her condition and found solace in makeup; makeup with hard work and determination became one of the few things she could do without any external assistance.

And now Jordan is an excellent makeup artist with awesome Halloween makeup tutorials as well as produces videos in relation to lifestyle-related themes. Jordan is bound to be a positive influence for anyone who struggles with similar issues and provides us a lesson in self-confidence.

4. Rikki Poynter

Rikki is a spunky 25 year old woman who is deaf. She uses her YouTube platform to raise awareness about the challenges and needs of deaf people; she also helps explains to other people who can hear, how they can become better allies to the deaf community to promote greater inclusivity. She even started an online social media campaign called #NoMoreCraptions where she critiques the automatic inaccurate captions YouTube generates as this renders the material inaccessible to deaf people. Therefore she called upon the YouTube creators themselves to insert correct captions/subtitles for their videos.

Rikki also comments on representations of deaf people in the film industry; she breaks down why certain representations are wrong, while also making sure to praise representations that do justice to those who are part of the deaf community.

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All in All

Disabilities do not always need to be treated as something horrible and rather than trying to show pity on those who have such conditions and special needs more of an effort should be made to talk to the people who actually are disabled. This will enhance our understanding as well as help make us better allies to those less able than the average person.

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